Game of the Month -- July 2015

Wow did July go quick, another month down and with 31 days for you to have spent playing glorious games, what was your game of the month?

This month for me it was, The Wolf Among Us. Just a fantastic Telltale game, I really didn’t know what to expect going in and it ended up being a great story. The sweet prologue music for it.

Honorable mentions going to: The Witcher 3, finally finished the main story and probably 80% of the side stuff / monster hunts (this is my game of the year!) so many feelings, what game… Also Mars War Logs, I felt the story was pretty good and overall it was just a fun 10 hour ‘budget’ RPG. Oh and I started playing Massive Chalice after the many many many positive recommendations here on the forums, so far I am liking it a lot.

I would have to say Heroes of the Storm. It has been my go to game this past month.

Wolf Among Us won over Witcher 3? I guess I need to dust it off the backlog sometime.

Immersed in a little game called Fallout: New Vegas and also still trying to find time to grok Star Ruler 2. On my iPad, still Crowntakers.

The Best
Even though I started late in the month: Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is my top pick. Felt so good after playing Risen 3.

The Good
The Talos Principle was also a really good puzzle game that I played start to finish in July. Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey, Race the Sun, and Hexcells Infinite round out my time fillers that I enjoyed.

The So-So

Played 3 games of The Sorcerer King. Too many things I consider weaknesses to want to keep playing. Lots of repetitive battles with repeating enemy types is a biggie. I’m not that into the quests. Even though I liked Fallen Enchantress a lot, I didn’t get into the quests on that one either, but there was a lot more going on so it didn’t matter too much.

Played about 6 hours of Path of Exile. The initial impression is better than Diablo 3, but I don’t think it is going to be the game that makes me really get into this type of game. I just get tired of clicking on enemies. I’ll put some more time in at some point. It may be one of those small dose games, like Race the Sun. People also dais it gets more interesting at level 20 or so. It sounds like Victor Vran may add some more actiony elements to keep me interested.

I lasted about 8-10 hours in Risen 3 before deciding I had better games to play. Picked it up pretty cheap so I don’t care too much.

The Unknown
I made a small attempt to play Star Ruler 2, but I’m not sure how that will suss out yet. I’m worried that the ship designing and combat will kill it for me. I’ve just been going by fleet strength and not really understanding any of the combat details about how it actually works.

Played my first game of Galactic Civilizations 3 since release. Had the difficulty on one harder than normal and I lost, so that was a good sign. I think I fell way behind on tech. It seems like a pretty good Gal Civ game - I played all of the others. My only worry is that this formula has started to loose some of it appeal. We will see.

Heroes of the Storm

Sims 3

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

World of Warcraft

Rocket League

Nothing else

Based on time spent…

Star Ruler 2
Unending Galaxy
Heroes of the Storm

Honorable mentions to Approaching Infinity and The Viceroy

I’m gonna cheat and say the 3DS, since I just got it and played several wonderful games on it, like Fire Emblem and Civilization and Panzer Tactics.

Finished Witcher 3 (whoo!). Also played Ether One on the PS4. Loved it and will likely play it again (didn’t finish all of the puzzles).

Don Bradman Cricket. Even getting a bit better at it now.

Heroes of the Storm
Path of Exile

I am holding off on Wolf Among Us for the Steam Link and Controller. I am thinking that my daughter and I can play it together on the TV. :)

Sorcerer King
Chaos Reborn (just a little)
Prison Architect (just a little)

Puzzle & Dragons and Paper Mario. I had never played the latter previously, but after picking it up through Club Nintendo, I sat down and played through it over a few days, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I’ve got the sequel sitting here as well, but I haven’t started it yet; I’m hoping to get around to it this month.

Hearthstone, as usual.

Test server, Diablo 3 Cheating sort of, but the new patch is really good, and it’s been a blast.

Test server, Everquest Starting 3 box parties on free gold accounts just never gets old for me. Coming to the end of the line probably, as I’m running out of combos to try, but I’ve gotten years of play out of this for free.

My game of the month is a tie between three games, actually - Elder Scrolls Online, Victor Vran, and Splatoon.

Two complete campaigns of Massive Chalice, great time. Easily my game of the month and likely my game of the year.

No one game totally dominated for me this month. I dabbled in a few things, but the winner would clearly be Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations.

The others:
Victor Vran
Sorcerer King
Mortal Kombat X
Far Cry 4
Caves of Qud