Game of the Month -- July 2015

Anybody who lists something besides Rocket League hasn’t played Rocket League.

It’s been Warframe this month for me, hugely addicted, longest period of addiction to the game so far, no end in sight … help

Besides the ever-excellent Hexcells Infinite, my favourite game last month unexpectedly was something called Greyfox. I had never heard of it before and bought it on a whim when it was 19 cents in the Steam sale two weeks ago. Not expecting much at all, I found it to be a charming little game. It’s made in RPG Maker game, but without any combat, so it plays more like an adventure, you mostly walk around, examine stuff and talk to people. Set in the modern day, it’s the story of a young woman moving to a new town that’s mostly a retirement community and dealing with several plot lines involving ageing and growing old. It’s very short, only about an hour long, but I really enjoyed it while it lasted.

Ark - Great and improving all the time, lots of viable additions and the game is moving forward in big leaps.
The Golf Club - Great Golf game, lots of courses and options and plays nicely.

What Jason Becker said.

Rocket League

Before that it was Abyss Odyssey. Oh, and Panda Poet because Alphabear just isn’t as fun without friends to play against.

Card Hunter. Yes I’m late to the party but dang if this isn’t a fun game.

One man’s quest to find a shopping cart on Black Friday? :-)

It’s the hot new simulation from these guys.

Rocket League aka “Carpal Tunnel waiting to happen”.

Clicker Heroes. Not new game but I have spending countless hours already in July, so addictive it hard to quit.

Killzone Mercenary and Muramasa Rebirth. These Vita games looked incredible.

Nuclear Throne right now Sorcerer King much of the month, but hit the Chick Parabola hard when it came out, King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match for my fighting game needs right now.

Path of Exile for me, where I have had time this past month.