Game of the Month - July 2019

What has been your primary game this past month? It could have been a recent title, a new discovery, or something from your backlog. Or perhaps an old favorite you returned to years later?

For the month of July I spent most of time playing Assassins Creed Odyssey. I finished up the main story quest and the lost city quest, still have a dozen or so cultists to finish off, but I think I am done for awhile. I’ll revisit in a few months and give the dlc’s a go at that time. Overall its a fantastic open world RPG. But it ended up being one of my least favorite Assassins Creed games.

Honorable mentions for… Hunt: Showdown can’t wait for this to hit 1.0 and Pillars of Eternity 1 where I am a little into Act 2 and it seems like it will never end. :P

What game defined July 2019 for you? What was your Game of the Month?

Been getting back into Ashes Cricket although not playing Ashes matches just yet. Slowly figuring out how to bat in career mode, didn’t help for the first couple of hours that I had forgotten there was a button press for back foot shots. Oops. Last 4 innings have all been up around 50, so maybe I’m finally getting somewhere. Anyway, game of the month. May well be game of August too.

Earlier in the month I did a little noodling through the backlog with some light stuff, and finished 3 games.

I picked up The Room in the sale, and enjoyed it. Not in a rush to play more of these. Was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to resort to any spoilers, so it must be pretty easy.

After that was J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars which was some sort of puzzler / hidden object hybrid. I quite liked the story but some of the puzzles were dreadfully obtuse and I was happy to finish this one.

Then I knocked off the final 2 chapters of Adam Wolfe, an endearingly schlocky hidden object game. Probably the best the genre has to offer I expect.

I need to get stuck into something in August, maybe Oxygen Not Included which I dabbled with this morning for the first time properly, or Warhammer 40k: Space Marine which I have been letting sit at the top of my ‘to play’ list having started it over 6(!) years ago but never finishing it. It’s not particularly great, hopefully I can polish it off in short bursts.

Detroit Become Human. Got it for free from PS+ games and really, really enjoyed it. Played it through with my own choices to see where it got me, will definitely play it through with a guide for best ending some time soon. So beautiful and so sad. Androids!! <3

Edit: I’ve also been spending a ridiculous amount of time (that is - the maximum amount of time a game that is energy based can be played without ever using money) playing Marvel Strike Force for iOS. Recommended =)=)

Once again, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw would be my pick.

It was supposed to be La-Mulana 2 month, and then some jerks got me into Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Been playing it all month. I am hoping it never ends. That’s the second game I play this year that is going to wreck havok in my all-time top 10, I fear.

No can do, Langrisser Mobile has been vampirizing way too much of my time for the past four months already.

My Time at Portia pretty much consumed all my gaming time in July, what a lovely little game. I’ve no doubt it’ll end up on my top 5 for the year.

Age of Wonders III w/ Eternal Lords DLC and Missionforce - Cyberstorm.

Fire Emblem Three Houses wins this month easily. Next month it will be a tougher call, it depends on if Planetfall can live up to the promise and potential the gameplay shows when watched on Streams and YouTube, so it could end up being Fire Emblem next month as well - it’s a huge game. Stay tuned!

July was all about Field of Glory Empires

Before my vacation: Hunt: Showdown, which will have its full release later this month (August 27th). Great game, but hard as nails when you’re trying to learn it while just playing solo.

After my vacation: PUBG Season 4. Love the updated Erangel map.

Weirdly, I spent a lot of time on Pillars of Eternity 2, which I’ve owned for a while and have never played. It’s… fine. Too long.

They are billions, even though the save system drives me nuts. Great game other than that.

Total War: Three Kingdoms!

Fire Emblem, and Right at the end of the month, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which I like well enough.

July is when we finally started our long-planned playthrough of Dark Souls 3. (cue Heavenly choir music). This game is wonderful so far, and I’m really enjoying myself. And playing it with others at Qt3 and being part of the communal experience is just a great bonus and excellent part of the experience. If others want to join us, we’re not THAT far in yet. At least, I’m not. The others are ahead of me.

Not a lot of gaming time this month, but my game of July has to be, again, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Honorable mentions go to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, and Stardew Valley. And Oxygen Not Included, which could possibly be my game of July if it had arrived a week or so before the end of the month. ;)

As for next month, with Age of Wonders: Planetfall and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw around the corner… well, could be a tough call. ;)

I haven’t had a ton of time either but did put a lot into two games. It was Samurai Shodown and Apex Legends on PS4 and a little Retro here and there like Elemental Master on Sega Genesis. Hoping to have more time on my hands in August to play games I’ve bought over the last month.

Samurai Shodown was definitely my number one, though.

Xbox One X saw most of my play time in July. Mostly Final Fantasy XII, AC: Syndicate, and Skyrim.

Was on quite the FF XII kick exclusively for a long while and some 35 or so hours into it, took a break.

Decided to give Skyrim a whirl on a whim - it’s the only game I put like 30 hours into, barely make a dent into quests, forget about for a long while, and then start a new game a year (or two) later to finish it “this time” and then do it all over again… and still enjoy it, somehow. I think this is the 6th or 7th time I do this. Only this time, I just continued from my last save game from 2017. Still a good time.

AC: Syndicate may be my favorite AC games of the few I’ve played (AC II, AC III, Unity and about two hours of AC: Origins). Love the world design and it feels so alive… love just walking around and seeing people doing stuff such as working at various jobs, talking, kids running around playing, just feels like a living city with lots of people and activity - the Elder Scrolls games would be much better games if their cities were like this.

And holy crap can Evie kick some serious ass with her various take-downs. Love the animations for these.

Also put a couple of hours into Ys: Memories of Celceta on the Vita and Radiant Historia on the 3DS.

Yep its the best!

I was on a Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate bender in July, and while the series will always be a favourite I think Fire Emblem: Three Houses is something a bit special.