Game of the Month - June 2011

It was a terrible month for PC gaming. Maybe a post-E3 depression cycle where everything out now looks like crap. At least Steven from Soldak got me on a space kick so it was Sword of the Stars for me.

With boardgames it was slow as well with just a few games of San Juan.

But the real GotM was Pool since I put a table in my basement.

Loving The Witcher right now.

I went old school in June: Freespace, Freespace 2, and Wing Commander.

I played through Tomb Raider Underworld from Gamefly, it was okay. I tolerated it.

They sent me Fallout New Vegas next and when I saw terrible frames and render distortions in the opening sequence I knew I was in for trouble, but I played anyway. I couldn’t get past the tutorial with Sunny Mad Max Lady. The shooting is terrible, the animations are awful, the framerate is garbage and the voice actress for that Sunny character slept through her dialogue. Fastest gamefly return ever, opened, played, and mailed back the same day.

So, a lot of Black Ops, XBLA Magic 2012, and Pathfinder (tabletop RPG, does that count?) for me.

I’ have 5 games at the top of my GF queue I really want, like Dead Space 2, LA Noire, Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, and Mirror’s Edge. They keep sending me shit from postion 8 or 13.


Most of June was City of Heroes.

Without a doubt my game of the month is Trenched.

June was kind of a blur, not sure why. I’m guessing Bad Company 2 was the biggest hit, as I went from a meager level 6 to a lofty … 9. :P Not sure why, but something clicked and I just found something to be pleased about in almost every match, be it a close win/loss, some good maneuvering or an amusing way to die #1021.

Saboteur a second win towards the end of the month when it went on sale. Still having a grand time liberating Paris.

I don’t always have a game of the month because I play a lot of games in parallel. But in June I played Nehrim and Bad Company 2 nonstop. (I guess I’m still cheating by picking two.)

Nehrim hits my completionist drive and BFBC2 taps into my old addiction to competitive FPS that I’ve kept dormant on purpose for almost a decade. My other games didn’t stand a chance.

Bits and pieces of a lot of games. Overall winner is most likely Beat Hazard, though, which I played until I got a blister on my left thumb from the bizarre way I hold my PC’s 360 controller.

I’d have to say, for me, it was Dirt 2. Can’t get enough of that amazing game, and even though I still stink at it, I’m slowly getting better.

In second place is the original Carmageddon. They’re having an event dubbed “Carmageddon” here in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks, and I kept hearing the word so dang much I dove into the game itself. Only played a smattering of levels, but I played them over and over again.

Dungeon Siege 3 for me. I know a lot of people weren’t blown away by it, but it really clicked for me. I liked the combination of loot + leveling with more actiony controls. I’m currently on my 2nd playthrough with the wizard guy on hardcore, having a great time.

Probably Alpha Protocol. Pretty good game. Its broken as hell but still fun. If the stealth worked right or the shooting was tighter it could even be great.

Also a bit of Atom Zombie Smasher, which is just pure awesome. I tried messing around with the modifiers and ended up having a bunch of really fun campaigns.

TF2 and Hellgate: London were my main games for the month of June. I actually just beat Hellgate last night and I must say that I had a pretty good time with it. I’m probably gonna take a bit of a break from it, but I do look forward to returning so I can level up some other characters. And I’ve also been having a grand old time with TF2, but I’m still a noob compared to a lot of people around here so what can I say about it that hasn’t already been said a bunch of times. Hell, I’m just now getting my rocket-jumping skills perfected. I’ve also been playing around with a lot of the classes and trying out different weapon combos and so forth. It’s a great game with a great price too!