Game of the Month -- November 2013

Here we goooooooooooooooooo!!! What was your game of the month?

I have sunk around 84 hours into Battlefield 4. Manshooting for the fun!

Also spent around 4 hours messing with Prison Architect, its still very ALPHA.


Probably a split between Alpha Protocol and Drox Operative for me.

X: Rebirth for sure.

Nope. Wind Waker HD and Arkham City were my most played in Nov.

Pandora - First Contact is probably the game I put the most hours into this month. Also played quite a bit of Pinball FX2 to get into the top 3 scores on a couple tables (friends list, not everyone). Played my second playthrough of Batman Arkham Asylum - this time on hard. Tried a handful of the challenges. I still like it better than Arkham City due to the slow introduction of gadgets.

I also played a smattering of Civilization IV, 4 Elements, Trackmania 2 Canyon, Sword of the Stars - The Pit, Devil May Cry Dmc, Rayman Origins, Spelunky, Puzzle Quest 2 (yeah, I’m done), Prison Architect

Well, earlier in the month I would have said Expeditions: Conquistador. I haven’t gotten terribly far in the 5 or 6 hours I played it, but I really appreciate the writing and the general ambition of the game.

But after the last week, I think Pinball FX 2 wins the month. Youch, I’m hooked.

Early in November, a trip back to Path of Exile.

Since X: Rebirth came out mid-month, I’ve been playing X3: Terran Conflict (with the X-tended mod).

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag.

AC4 for me. The pirate honeymoon is terrific.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition. Literally finished 2 minutes ago :).

It’s not been a super-heavy gaming month for me, but Avadon: The Black Fortress has been the big game for me. I’m almost 50 hours in at this point (and I’d played a good chunk before so that speeded the early game up) and although I’m pretty clearly in the final stages, I still have a good whack of game left. It’s been quite a while since I got this invested into a Spiderweb game but they’re always worth it when I do. Every area has story content dotted absolutely all over the place, cool loot and encounters to find, and this one even has party NPCs and what I personally think is the best levelling system yet.

After that, I’d say The Secret World, which has lured me back in with the Halloween event (which I confess I mostly delved into in November) and this weekend’s double AP and boss event. Funny thing is, I haven’t courted fighting the boss but while I was killing enemies in a nightmare mission in the City of the Sun God (didn’t think there were nightmare missions that early, but that’s what the mobs said and I certainly had to be careful not to pull more than one or maaaybe two at a time), a clearly more experienced player was wandering through just murdering things for some obscure reason and partied with me for part of the mission. Midway through, I abruptly got and completed the side mission for the event boss and got the associated pet, never having seen the boss at all. Apparently he must have fought it at some point and then come over to where I was playing and it died while we were grouped. Or something. beats me. Anyway, I really really dig TSW and even though Egypt is the weakest of the three segments so far it’s still really cool. And boy, you really clean up on AP when you’re earning 3x normal (especially when you stack 20% global bonus and 100% monster killing bonus xp potions in addition). I finished out my two main weapon trees, all of the inner rings for every weapon, and have made a decent start on Assault Rifle.

I’ve gone a few chapters into Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and have mixed feelings about it. It’s very atmospheric and the writing and hints of story so far are very strong and creepy in a very…industrial way. But I also find the gameplay kind of opaque where it exists at all. And for some reason I can’t get the gamma to a level where I can see much when I need to navigate in the dark. I’ve tried upping it but while the setting goes up, the actual gamma only goes up briefly and then snaps right back to where it was despite the setting remaining higher.

Not a big month in gaming on my side but let’s look at my list of finished games:

01/11/2013 Crash Time 2 on Hard
09/11/2013 Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army on Sniper Elite diffculty
25/11/2013 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
29/11/2013 Papo & Yo
xx/11/2013 Rain (on PS3)

Hm tough one.
Guess the crown goes to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (wanted to complete it as Giant Bomb did nominate it as GOTY contender a while ago).
It’s a really good game with great story and I think it will end up in top 10 GOTY lists this year as there weren’t that many good games in 2013.
RAIN is good, too but overstays its welcome.
Papo & Yo is a short romp. It’s main merit is its topic (dealing with addiction) and it was beautiful colorful South American inspired vistas.
The mechanic to change the levels are interesting but the jumping is not that good and a bit frustrating at times (collision detection).
Word of warning: It gave me motion sickness (the camera). So in case you are sensitive to this you might get problems, too. I still managed to complete it in 2 evenings.
Crash Time 2 is a poor man’s GTA but kind of fun with a few frustrating bits due to bad collision detection etc. (it’s based on a German TV series called “Alarm fuer Cobra 11”).
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is shit on single player. Once you saw the gory slow-mo kill shots a few times you can stop. It’s balanced for co-op and in single player it’s pretty unfair.
I will not get the 2nd game in that series.

Vampire Savior (always here), Pokémon Black (had some of the coolest stuff of any Pokémon game going on with its music and premise), Pokémon X, and Rhythm Heaven Fever (which I streamed myself playing through last week).

Honorable mentions: Dragon’s Dogma (would be definite if I had played it more than a few hours), Velocity Ultra (which I got for free from the devs’ studio-anniversary Twitter giveaway and platinum’d a few days later; it was fun, but this was a bad month for it for this thread).

Hearthstone for me.

Congrats! That’s an achievement.

(But you didn’t really finish it… ;) )

Hearthstone. Civ V (just got Brave New World). And Path of Exile, getting back in a bit since a couple of friends started in.

Battlefield 4 and WoW

Game of the Month: Knytt Underground

Runner-up: Assassin’s Creed 4

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. It’s not a perfect game, and it’s not even the best Ace Attorney game, but it’s another Ace Attorney game when I thought I would never see another one in the West ever again. Enjoyed it greatly despite its imperfections.

Football Manager 14 and Dragon’s Dogma, which I’m still playing.

30+ hours in BF4