Game of the Month -- November 2013

Pre-PS4, Android:Netrunner on OCTGN again. Post PS4, I’ve really been playing the hell out of NFS Rivals. I’ve ‘beaten’ it, but am working on going for total completion, I’ve found it incredibly entertaining, even if Tom didn’t.

NFS: Rivals and Tomb Raider, probably my two GOTY candidates. I’ve been replaying the latter to find all the collectibles I missed the first time and other than the intro sequence I haven’t minded replaying the story at all.

Finally got to Saint’s Row 4. Plus Gone Home and some Fallen Enchantress.

KOTOR on the iPad. Never finished the original, and I’m getting close to the point where I stopped playing back in the day. Big difference this time is that the iPad allows me to easily start/stop playing whenever I like (except for when my kids/wife has the pad). This accessibility makes it easier to find the time to play games.
XCOM: EU on PC. Got a new laptop, and bought EU during the Steam sale. Just started but I am very impressed with the game.

Dominions 4 took up most of my time. I’m finally digging into it and trying to learn all the new stuff. I just started playing Saints Row IV. I’m sure that’s going to be the game of the month for December.

Company of Heroes (finally!) was a blast leading through Veteran’s Day while XCOM : Enemy Within dominated the latter part of the month.

XCOM: Enemy Within was the game that sucked up most of my free time this past month. I also played a reasonable amount of the Elder Scrolls Online Beta.

Pinball FX 2 for me thanks to the humble bundle. Also needing to spend some time in State of Decay since the expansion was released. ZOMBIE FIX!!!

Pinball FX 2 for me thanks to the humble bundle. Also needing to spend some time in State of Decay since the expansion was released. ZOMBIE FIX!!!

I would also have to say Pinball FX2 took over the crown for me this month with a late week charge.

Other than that, spent a lot of time in:

Avadon 2 - Over half way complete now
X Rebirth - Still having a fair amount of fun with it, but my be fading fast
Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Just completed a first playthru with my wife this weekend.

Not a gaming heavy month for me but last week I fired up Red Dead Redemption after owning it for like 2 years and not having played it much. Got really into it, must have played 12 hours over 3 days. Runner up: Assassin’s Creed II, also started a new game after not playing for a few months. I find these kind of non-RPG open world action/adventure games hard to get into but once I do I am so hooked… so long as I continue to play with regular frequency.

I’ve been platforming it up lately. GotM would be Spelunky on the PC, my main game for a while now. Also played through Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time on the PS3 (still moving through the PS3 back catalog, I am). And I chewed up Rogue Legacy as well… It’s fun, but only as long as the progression hook lasts.

Still having a lot of fun in BF4, … re-discovering Warframe, that as truckloads of contents but all of hit suffered from shameness.

I’ll add to the torrent of Pinball FX2 love. It’s rekindled my youthful love of pinball enough that I found and joined a local weekly pinball league that plays just a few miles from where I live…I had no idea such a thing even existed!

…as in, real life pinball machines? That would be awesome! I missed having one in the office (a decade ago), but I heard that they are difficult to maintain.

This month it is Titan’s Quest, because it’s a nice mindless game to play just before bedtime after my current work crush. This game streamlines almost everything, except for the inventory tetris. But after 30 hours, I’m only 2/3 finished, and I’m bored.

Runner ups: Finally finished Gone Home + read the [i]QT3 “non-spoiler” thread of spoilers[/i] on a Sunday night. An excellent preparation for work the next day…
I’m also swept up by Pinball FX2. I really should look around for a manual. What’s with the wizard score? Does the superscore matter?

Yeah! I was blown away by the amount of pinball action in the Bay Area. There’s at least 5 active leagues I was able to find here. They have tournaments and standings and all that. This the one I’m planning to join once the new season starts:

I found it on here:

Looks like the Bay Area is the most active area, but they track where machines are and what leagues are happening all over.