Game of the Month - November 2021

Yeah, I’ll stick with it for sure. Just haven’t quite hit critical mass yet.

Inscryption definitely lived up to the hype for me. The card game at its center is consistently entertaining, with enough wrinkles to keep it fresh throughout, and everything surrounding that core elevates it much further. Play it as blind as possible.

Unsighted was also excellent, melding a lot of familiar influences in fresh ways. You’ve got NieR Automata’s melancholy existentialist robots, Souls’ “going hollow” concept as an explicit game mechanic for NPCs that can be delayed with a rare item, a metroidvania-style exploratory map seen from above, and rapid parry-centric combat, all melding into a great whole.

Inscryption here also. Got it at the start of the thanksgiving steam sale, played all the way through it and finished it yesterday. Very enjoyable experience.

Not much time to play but I have enjoyed my time with Wildermyth and Warlock II with the Renaissance mod

I have a question. The controls only seem to be keyboard and mouse. I guess this is a consequence of having it be a one-developer game. Noooooooo!

So what’s the question?

Yes, there is controller support. Someone asked the dev, he patched it in. Took a few tries apparently but he got it working as far as I can see. Bear in mind the dev didn’t even own a controller during development, so although it works nobody seems to have come back and said “Oh hey this works great!” so I’ve no idea how well it works, just that it works!

But the dev is extremely good at fixing / implementing stuff if you mention it in the Steam forums.