Game of the Month - October 2011

Sorry for being late - go to the real thread.

Someone stole your glory. :(

Just do a “Game of the Month - November 2011” and we will speculate which title we probably will play most this month. :p

11/1/2011 through 11/10/2011 = Who cares
11/11/2011 through 11/30/2011 = Skyrim

Who cares about Skyrim…

Anno 2070 is coming out on 11/15/11! :p

Not too interested in that one, I haven’t even played the first 2069 of them.

You’re not 2,011 years old either, but that doesn’t stop you being alive, does it?

11/1/11-11/30/11: various random games.

11/1/12: Skyrim Game of the Year edition for $20. :P