Game of the Year Selections?

Well what are everyone’s pick’s for GOTY? Yeah we still have a month, but so what!

Myself I’d pick

Console - Metroid Prime. Most fun I’ve had on a console in a really long time. I’m just amazed at what a retro vibe I’m getting.

PC - Dungeon Siege! Yeah, I know most everyone hated it, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had in co-op! I can’t wait for a sequel.

BattleField 1942

No question.

Yep, Battlefield 1942 for me. Probably Warcraft 3 behind that as number two.

Battlefield 1492 here too.

Battlefield 1942 for me

I gotta go with BF1942 as well, especially after the patch. If they could somehow mix BF’s scale and vehicle selection with the rock solid feel and obvious cause/effect consistency of SOF2, it’d be GOTY even harder.

Battlefield 1942 for action and fun. I’m predicting Hearts of Iron will provide my ‘mental engagement’ award for '02.

Freedom Force

Since this keeps coming up-- even more often than Rouge Leader and Rouge Spear-- some enterprising developers should create Battlefield 1492. Like Stronghold, but in the first person.

Well, speaking as an accursed broadband-less, d00d-hating single player gamer, I choose Jedi Knight 2 as my GOTY. Runner up: Divine Divinity.

Big surprise here: Neverwinter Nights.

Honorable mentions to Warcraft III and NOLF 2, which I thought was way more fun than BF 1249.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned MOHAA or Neverwinter Nights. You guys are like the people from the Academy Awards, if it hasn’t been in theaters in the last month before, it’s not gonna score :D

BF1942… If only the players were more interested in destroying enemy planes then their own.

GTA3 is my runner up.

MOHAA cannot be GOTY on the basis of its crappy ending alone. Solid game… not quite GOTY material, though. I can’t speak for Neverwinter Nights as I haven’t played it.

You know what else isn’t GOTY? Sniper: Path of Vengeance!

MOHAA would be a runner-up for me, but just didn’t have what it takes to get my vote for GOTY.

NWN was IMHO a let down. Not just any let down, but the biggest fucking let down of the last five years to me!!! But like I said, that’s just MHO.

Console: Splinter Cell, it is amazing. Linear yes but so good on so many levels.
PC: BF1942. The ability to jump in and control everything quickly and have it work so well even before the patch is a credit to the developers (too lazy to look it up).
Biggest surprise: Mafia. I had pretty much zero expectations about this game coming in and left blown away. It had almost movie quality cinematics and fantastic sound and graphics plus very good action gameplay.

– Xaroc

PC: BF1942
Honorable mention to NOLF2 and Freedom Force

Counter-Strike, all the whey!

It’s been a good year, for consoles and PCs. I hope we see some dark horse choices for GOTY.


BF1942 was pretty dark (before the demo came out, at least.)

I’d go for BF1942 too. Just plain fun.

Also rans: NOLF2, Mafia

Great games the public didn’t go for: Moonbase Commander, Europa 1400, Divine Divinity