Game of Thrones (HBO) for those who have read Game of Thrones, etc


GRRM loses a lot of money.
(He has bonuses tied to staying ahead of the series.)



A whole ton of us have been waiting patiently for every book in this series since A Game of Thrones, and we like to talk about speculation fine. But don’t you fucking come in here with spoilers of the still-being-written book and try to pass it off as all spoilers are equal.


You guys are taking this way too seriously.

Until it is in print, who knows how it will change? This is all speculation until the book is released. There are no "spoilers"


I didn't give any spoilers chum. I didn't even closely allude to a non-spoiler theory which is general knowledge you are going to run into if you talk about these books on the internet. I gave you a carefully vague warning that so that you wouldn't get spoilers.

I don't know if you confused me with Steelwind, skimmed my post thinking it was spoilers, but barring those charitable interpretations I really don't appreciate that kind of crap.


I heard Jon sleeps with Melisandre in ADwD and gets a burning sensation.


Seriously, guys - this is a spoiler thread - chill.

Benjen has been GONE since the first chapter of the first book, right? So, yeah, not that emotionally invested in him, or what he has become.

Sure, I suspected that Benjen would re-appear, and Coldhands certainly seems like he could be him, but not worried about a 'reveal' in this thread.

And this is idle internet banter, GRRM is not posting in the thread.

As for my own major speculation, it's my own belief that Jon is not Eddard's son, but his nephew, a fiction Eddard has maintained due to his honor bound nature. If ADwD confirms that, great. If someone posts a link to an obscure GRRM interview that confirms that, great. Big whoop.


Yeah I'm fairly certain that's the case too. I didn't suspect it myself after my first readthrough, but once I read about the theory and reread the books it's right in front of you the whole time.


... I'm sorry who is Coldhands? I don't remember.

I do remember Benjen.


Chill the fuck out, he didn't say anything.

All of the below came from Book 3.

My memory is fuzzy. Bran and crew (I don't remember who else in his group at that time.) Have reached the wall and they are hopping through various abandoned fortresses along it. Samwell and his girl are escaping the north when they run into a wight with black hands who pops up riding an elk. He calls Samwell brother, indicating that he is (or was) a member of the Wall. At some point Bran's group and Samwell's group meet, and Bran's group goes north with Coldhands, while Samwell's group goes south.


All this thread is doing for me is reinforcing my belief that I need to re-read all the books. There's a bunch of stuff in here that I either don't remember or could swear is not right. Maybe I'll start a re-read in January and finish up in time for the show! =)


Ooooooh he was the friendly zombie. Ok. I didn't realize he had a name.


I'll just say what Jason was dancing(with dragons) around, cause I don't care. Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are Jon's parents.

It's NOT a spoiler, it's a THEORY. Never confirmed anywhere, except by reading the already published books. And we aren't having a GOT thread without that being fair game. And yeah, there's pretty much no way it's not true if you follow the evidence, which is plentiful. The song of ice and fire is Jon's.


The best part of all of the books so far has been Tyrion getting his revenge.


That is what I was studiously not saying, yes.



NOOOOOOOOO, you've all ruined the rest of the never-will-be-finished-because-GRRM's-heart-will-explode-soon-series for me!!!


I was planning on going to the wiki and reading the theory for my self, but now you've spoiled it for me YOU JERK!


It could be Jon and Dany's


Could be, but Ice + Fire would already be accounted for in Jon (Stark + Targaryen)


And that would make Danny Jon's aunt. Though I don't think that will stop GRRM from having them hook up in book 6.


So theoretically speaking...
Season 1 Spring 2011 (A Game Of Thrones)
Season 2 Spring 2012 (A Clash of Kings)
Season 3 Spring 2013 (A Storm of Swords)
Season 4 Spring 2014 (A Feast for Crows/A Dance With Dragons)
Season 5 Spring 2015 (A Feast for Crows/A Dance With Dragons)
Season 6 Spring 2017 (The Winds of Winter)
Season 7 Spring 2018 (A Dream of Spring)

I combined AFFC and ADWD because I would imagine they won't split the POVs like Martin did in the books and instead spread both books over 2 seasons. Going by the timeline though he has until about summer 2014 to finish ADWD and summer 2015, summer 2016 to finish TWOW and ADOS.

The latest "news" I had read was that his publisher hoped ADWD would be finished in December.