Game of Thrones (HBO)

I hear there’s a distinct lack of medieval castles in Canada, though.

Oh, those will al be on a set. Damn Canadians. (Isn’t that a line from a game?)

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I lose at forums. I swear I scanned the whole thread. I blame it on the fact that your hyperlink was on the word “here” and was too short for my old eyes to pick up.

My humble apologies. :)

I even read the quote you put in there yesterday and did not recognize it today. I also blame it on WotLK anxiety disorder.

Stop saying you’re old, I’m older than you! :P

Anyway, I hope they use a bunch of nobodies in the cast. And I hope it’s as good as Rome was, with only a slightly smaller budget (Rome got cancelled because it was too expensive.)

A big part of that problem was that they shot it in Italy. Munchhausen by proxy, as it were.

It’s true that despite being epic fantasy the fantasy elements of A Song of Ice and Fire are quite minimal. Makes it the perfect fantasy series to film. In terms of fantastic elements present in Game of Thrones, there’s, what…a couple of Others onscreen for a few minutes, the Wall itself and…and…

That might be it, actually. Does Daenerys get her dragons in Game of Thrones? I don’t remember, but I don’t think so. I’m not entirely sure she’s even in Game of Thrones, and if she is I don’t think she has a lot of time devoted to her.


She has plenty of time devoted to her. She meets, marries and buries Drogo, sees her brother executed on her wedding night, gets pregnant and loses the child in an attempt to save her husband, makes a deal with a witch and hatches three dragon eggs in a tremendous blaze that leaves her hairless but does not burn her flesh.


“It’s only a model.”

Weird though it feels, I agree with John - Erikson has epic sweep down pat, but he’s a B+ to Martin’s A, at best. And Erikson might kill people but dear lord do they come back, and back, and back…


First Merlin (granted it’s not based on a book), then Legend of the Seeker, and now this. It’s truly turning out to be a good year for fantasy series.

These don’t go together.

Benioff and Weiss now have an official account on the main ASOIAF message boards.

Don’t go excluding Merlin… I could not stand to finish watching the first episode, the talking friendly dragon cinched the Disney-cheese factor.

Speaking of which, I didn’t even realize that Legend of the Seeker was even out already (and into its 4th episode)… I thought this was airing on ABC for some reason.

— Alan

Edit: Jeez I just realized I had watched the end of one of the episodes without really knowing it (was looking on IMDB, saw it had Bruce Spence in it, and that gave it away).

It’s an old fashioned syndicated show; sort of like Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Hercules, and Xena were back in the day. The syndication market sort of died when the WB and UPN came into play, as most of the independent networks that aired syndication in the 80s and early 90s affiliated with one or the other. The cable market didn’t help as there’s a voracious demand for fresh content on all those cable channels.

They should definitely film it in Ireland or Lithuania. There’s a lot of tourism boards over there that would be more than happy to sponsor the series if it uses their castles and stuff, and they often do. That syndicated series, “The New Adventures of Robin Hood” did a couple of seasons over in Lithuania and apart from the low budget, laughable fight scenes and native actors, the locations were perfect.

Likewise, Ireland or Scotland would really work, since that’s where they filmed Braveheart, right? It’d be really easy to get people to play the extras over there, for all those gigantic mob scenes, banquets and wars you read about in the books, and they could even engage the local LARPing and SCA groups to bring in their swords and armor to be part of the series as jousting knights, soldiers and the like. You can be certain that most, if not all of those people are huge fans of Martin and read the books, regardless of whether they’re from Eastern Europe or someplace in the UK.

Because all fantasy books take place in a medieval European type setting.

Are you saying that A Game of Thrones does NOT take place in a medieval European type setting, or that he wouldn’t be popular with them for whatever reason?

I really don’t understand your last post.

I am saying that huge portions of every book do not take place in a region that would look like medieval Europe. Were you paying attention, or do you just scrub out all the setting descriptions with “trees and quaint forest paths?”