Game of Thrones (HBO)


Well lets see how this shakes out.

Though Bron starts with his usual wisdom ‘it all does boil down to cocks’


Yessssss… about time.


So I guess the frozen bay by eastwatch in the credits was just a red herring.

But they punted on Clegane bowl, and Cercei’s comeuppance.


‘tear down the wall. Tear down the wall” wait, wrong medium.


Hahaha. So sweet!


Well…that was 80 minutes of pure awesome. I actually don’t have a damn thing to complain about this episode. I do hope Tormund lived…it looked like he’d run far enough west on the wall to avoid being on the section that fell. I assume he and any other survivors will have a long, cold and hungry trek west along the top of the wall to Castle Black, which itself seems kind of superfluous now.


So why didn’t the mountain kill Jaime? It seemed like cersei told him to, but then he didn’t, even though she didn’t give a counter order.


So, was Jaime riding off to the Lannister Army, or just riding off?


Mixed feelings. LF was on my short list for deaths because a) he no longer served the plot in any meaningful capacity and b) a lot of fans want to see him get his comeuppance. Still, I wasn’t wild about it. Outside of that the episode was extremely predictable, but still a pretty good time.

I went into it predicting it wouldn’t resolve any meaningful plot points because Cersei, Jon, Dany and Sansa all have plot armor made out of the finest mithril until the last few episodes. So I wasn’t disappointed in that sense. I guess I just hoped it would surprise me a little more than it did.

I don’t want to go too hard on it because it was still a great episode of TV (sometimes I forget it is TV), just maybe not as great as I was hoping for with another year+ wait to see how it all wraps up.


Game of Thrones this season, the show where the producers and their writers think they’re being clever by unknowingly breaking the 4th wall and everything, from teleporting armies and navies to cliffhanger-esque narrow escapes rather than real-world/politic consequences, all occur in the name of script servicing. This is arguably the worst season yet. Complex politicking and character motivation in the earlier seasons have given way to well-produced big set pieces carried by Hollywood-quality CGI.


blah blah blah
undead dragon


B/C that was the “sell” on Cersei’s big play. I loved the great dramatic scene between Cersei and Tyrion but when Cersei later reveals she intentionally sent Euron off to convey the Golden Company, and that she had no intention of honoring her agreement, it became clear that the entire negotiation was a pageant put on by Cersei, even the “heart to heart” with Tyrion. That scene was great, but in hindsight it was all a fake by Cersei. And that includes the pregnancy bit, IMO, part of the play.


Jeeebus, that last scene.

So much for the Wall.


Makes you wonder if the Wall actually ever stopped the dead, even once, in its 8000 year history. I wish I could say that it was ironic that Jon’s stupid-ass plan ended up doing nothing good (convince Cersei, really?!) and everything bad (give the dead the means to take down the wall), but there’s no irony there since it was wholly as expected.


What a great season. LF’s abrupt and bloody end was very satisfying, Jaime joined team good-guys (he’s on track to be the valonquar that strangles Cersei) and Undead Dragon vs Wall was fantastic. Imagine the battle scenes we’ll see next year, with dragons, elephants, zombie hordes and dothraki.

Yep. We are frequently reminded that, much like Ned Stark, Jon is a brave and honorable man, but he’s an awful strategist.



Did the Hound see his brother all golemed up before tonight? Seemed weird that he was just totally OK with him being a reanimated corpse, arch-nemesis or not. I think it’d at least give him pause.


Yeah it was awkward and struck me as fan service.


Can someone remind me what relation John and Daenerys are with this confirmation?


Nephew and aunt