Game of Thrones (HBO)


What are the chances that at the end, the Night King stands victorious over Westeros? My coworker and friends seems convinced that the chances are high, because he says the TV series always makes you think things are going to go well before they kick you in the gut again.


Low. Martin has said the ending will be “bittersweet”.

Unless you ship White Walkers (which really, who does), that doesn’t really match “bittersweet”.


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Bittersweet is everyone dies, except Jamie, who returns to Kings Landing to kill Cersei, then rips off his face to reveal Arya, who is killed by zombie Gregor.


Ha, that would be awesome, just do a Big Trouble in Little China!

“Egg Shen, how did you survive that?”
“Wasn’t easy!”


They introduced one likely element for a bittersweet ending: If Dany wins, she won’t be able to keep her dragons. Her choices will be to cage them, send them away or kill them. There’s no way she cages them again.


Bittersweet means Jon Snow and Dany die whilst valiantly killing the Night King. Gendry takes the throne and marries Sansa.


I wonder why they had Tyrion creepily lurking outside Dany’s room while she and Jon got it on. From his point of view, this pairing should be a good thing, cementing the alliance between his queen and the North. Jon marrying Dany makes total sense. So why did he look so unhappy?


I’m bummed about Littlefinger. I was secretly hoping he’d end up on the Iron Throne after all the dust settled. Oh, well.

Spoilerized because I don’t know the rules in this thread.


There is a line he used in one of the recent episodes: all of them have fallen in love with you.

I think he included himself in that statement.


This hadn’t occurred to me. The bedding scene and his look outside make sense now. Thanks!


Undead Daenerys and Jon Snow on the Iron Throne? Flanked by three undead dragons?


Man, I hope Bron gets his ass out of King’s Landing to join up with Jaime and Tyrion, ASAP.

On Arya and Sansa, I too think that it wasn’t a setup the whole time and that the meeting in Arya’s room was the point where it turned. What I don’t get is the whole sending Brianne away bit. I also don’t get the invitation/summons from Cersa for Sansa to join the negotiations. The North was already represented by Jon.


They wanted Brienne and Jamie to have a reunion, along with Tyrion and Pod.


It felt like a clunky way of getting Brienne into a role better suited for her from a story line. Clearly, the sisters don’t need protecting any more. Going off to wage war with Jaime is better for her than sitting in the soon to be over-run Winterfell.


Somethings up with Tyrion. I’m guessing he’s in on it with Cercie based on the dragon killings he saw and to make up for his part in destroying the family. Also, incest and necrophilia in the same scene. Damn HBO!


I think the Littlefinger scene was a bit more standard TV fare as you were pretty sure what was going to happen. The showrunners stated they were trying to create all this tension between the Sansa and Arya, but I think everyone knows in their heart that wasn’t going to happen. But I don’t think Sansa actually made up her mind until Arya gave her the dagger. It wasn’t a long con, but long enough.

I did expect Arya to say something about her time in Harenhal and how Littlefinger had conspired with Tywin regarding Rob because it would have been a lot better than her mentioning the true owner of the dagger. Sansa admitting, “I’m a slow learner,” is such a great line I think. It’s her admitting her faults but pushing to persevere anyway.

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Yes, I think Tyrion has double-crossed Dany/Jon.


I didn’t think of that.That is a good point.


I think that would be so out of character for Tyrion (mostly because it would be dumb as hell, given what he knows of Cersei). He’s a survivor, but he isn’t an idiot (like Jon). There’s no way he would think that Cersei would be better for Westeros (or even Tyrion, personally) than sticking it out with Dany, despite her roasting a couple of lordlings. I’m more in the “he’s in love with Dany” camp for explaining that scene. What I can’t recall is who Tyrion was pushing for when he pressed Dany on the succession bit. Did he have someone in mind and now sees that slipping away?