Game of Thrones (HBO)


Dinklage is also getting some high visibility roles, and I think he’s a terrible actor. Hollywood is gonna Hollywood I guess, and this shows us that Ms. Clarke has excellent management.


TD’s intro was the best thing about it and wow this was very well done, impressive.


I thought she was actually very charming and good in Me Before You. It’s not one-dimensional or at all the same as GoT. That doesn’t make it a great movie or anything, but I didn’t think the issue with the movie was her.


She was great in Syfy’s Triassic Attack.


I completely agree, but it seems we’re in the minority.


To me, she’s in the same camp as Sam Worthington and Jai Courtney.


Don’t you dare! She has way more charisma than both those doofuses put together. Hey Hollywood, stop trying to make Jai Courtney happen! He’s not going to happen.


That was really good…


I think maybe he’s just getting lazy. He first came to my attention with The Station Agent years before GoT and he was great in that.


He was using his bad Tyrion voice for Infinity War and hugely distracting for me.


A co-worker started watching this a couple of months ago. He’s about to watch The Spoils of War episode. I can’t wait to see what he thinks about that specific one. He might even finish the entire last season in a day or two.



Wait so… BIGGER dragons?


if they do Balerion, like one of the biggest in any fantasy world. That might be enough to have me watch if it I can tolerate the ending of this one of course. If I don’t care for how they wrap this up, no way to anything else.


No Dragons most likely.


It’s an very bold choice. The traditional move would have been something like the Dance of Dragons civil war, so they could re-use a bunch of sets, like the huge throne room set. But I wasn’t feeling it. For one, even Dance of Dragons would feel too much like Game of Thrones, as you’ve got Lannisters and Starks and Targaryens running around. And for another, saving money on sets is the last thing HBO is worried about.

But we know almost nothing of the Age of Heroes. This is all stuff that GRRM has kept in his head. This is all brand-new territory, and you won’t have the Lannisters or the Targaryens or a lot of stuff that’s familiar.

They’re finally close to winding down shooting on Season 7 (they’ve been at it for almost a year!!!). There’s still tons of post-production to do, but HBO needs to start work on the new series to take advantage of the massive production infrastructure they’ve established in Northern Ireland.


I’m not a super fan but would thousands of years ago place it during the time White Walkers were made? Maybe a prequel which dealt with when the first time White Walkers were a threat and ending with the building of the wall?


That sounds like it’s part of it.


The writers are going to be making this all up on the fly out of whole cloth, right? Parts of last season were like that and it kinda showed.


I imagine part of the deal was that GRRM provide a roadmap and ideas.

And the show runner is a newcomer to the series. Benioff and Weiss have Star Wars.