Game of Thrones (HBO)


Prequels suck. Always.


Says the man who clearly has never watched Better Call Saul.


Oh I was trying to think of a counter example. Good call.


Of course, we must not forget the greatest TV Universe of them all.



The Scoobyverse is indeed awesome.



You forget the great unifying John Munch!


By the way, there were leaks of the scripts online (- season 7 leaks were spot on), and the 6 episodes of season 8 seem to be covered too.

Based on what one member of the cast has been hinting at regarding the fate of their character for the final season (the article was recent), it seems that the Season 8 leaks from a while ago might be accurate… unless it is all a grand form of misdirection.

So, if you can’t wait another year, Google might be your friend to discuss Game of Thrones with.


On a related note:


First Ashley Parker, now this 😥


Far more interesting than the royal wedding, at least.


Needless to say, if the Rains of Castemere was not played at the reception, it was a total fail.


Man, that casting agent must be happy with him/herself for putting these two together in a scene.


Honeymoon must include a cave. And she’ll probably demand the lord’s kiss.


Jon Snow apparently did know something!

Glad for them. :D


Is that Kevin James behind them getting his nose picked by another wedding attendee? I’m imagining him chasing them on a segway.

Also, kudos to Jon landing a wildling!


This is the first I’m hearing that the actors were a couple.
And that’s a great photo.


Oh you didn’t see the refrigerator prank video, that was pretty funny.


They’ve been dating since the second season when she joined the show. Guess you put a young man and a young woman together in the Icelandic wilderness during the winter and things happen. They had a brief break-up, but they patched things up and have been pretty much a couple for six years.

Their engagement notice was pretty old school, too.



I mean, she’s a noble, so he’s really just firming up his claim to the throne.