Game of Thrones (HBO)


I don’t really plan on finishing the books myself. The last one, that I still haven’t finished, is a slog.


The show has become better than the books IMO. At least after book 3 at least. Martin just doesn’t seem to care or doesn’t know how to end it. At least Benioff and Weiss are delivering.


I do get all that. Better some ending to the story than none, which was its obvious fate were it not for the HBO series, given Martin’s lack of interest in finishing it, and his age + cartoon Santa Claus physique.

It’s sad because the first three books came out in such quick succession and were so freaking good. Then the fourth book inexplicably starts introducing a bunch of characters you’ve never heard of and don’t give a crap about.


Well, mostly it was older characters though. The two new POV characters in Feast of Crows were Brienne of Tarth and Cersei Lannister. And we were pretty familiar with them already.

There were a few people introduced as POV characters, but they only had one or two chapters. I have to agree that felt a bit jarring though. In the series up to that point, it wasn’t normal to have a POV character for only one or two chapters.

For reference, via Wiki of Ice and Fire:

Feast of Crows:

I guess that’s 10 chapters altogether for those minor characters, which is a lot when put together.


Who do you think would win in a dogfight?

One of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, or a F-16A Fighting Falcon?


Proof that subjective opinions are often not only wrong but spectacularly poor in nature. You’re dead to me, and I’ll write an ending to you if we ever find ourselves in the same room together. You have been warned.

The Arys Oakheart chapter is an admitted error on GRRM’s part, but otherwise I love the expanded PoVs and some of those chapters contain some of the best non-action moments in the entire series (Arianne’s convo with her father, Brynden Tully and Jaime on the drawbridge, Aunt Genna and Jaime, etc.). GRRM is clearly setting the Act 3 stage in books 4 + 5 and it’s unfair to judge the series at this point. Book 5 is an obvious fleshing out of Jon and Dany’s arcs rather than the 2-3 chapter schlock we usually get from genre writers. You could argue that GRRM took it too far in the opposite direction and could’ve achieved roughly the same result in fewer pages, but a lot of fantasy series suffer from mid-trilogy blues. And book 6 is going to open with a spectacular first few 100 pages due to the groundwork laid in the previous two books.

The show, otoh, is just garbage writing. People may enjoy the production values and the visuals they produce, but the writing is terrible. It’s lazy, sloppy work that plays out more like bad fan fiction than anything produced by a team of professional writers. Seasons 5 + 7 were just unbelievably bad and if 8 continues that quality and GRRM were to die (highly likely at this point) before finishing, the canonical version that lives in my head will whatever I choose it to be, though a version based entirely on the books.

Edit: Crap, forgot to add that first paragraph is a joke. Should be obvious, but just to be perfectly clear. . .no, I’m not posting actual death threats against someone just because the poor soul has yet to develop any real taste or aesthetics when it comes to the written word. In fact, I take pity upon this fellow Qt3er and hope one day they may emerge from that black hole of unrefined sensibilities.


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100% the opposite for me. Those dragons can’t hit Mach 2 and 60k feet. The dragon would be shot before it even knew the jet was there.


The dragon is going to completely outmaneuver that jet. Heck it could land, and get the jet vertically which is something a jet simply cannot do. Ground crews though would have a huge upper-hand against them, since they have bullets.


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Now if he were to make it an A-10 versus a dragon? Now that would be a fun and interesting comparison!


The dragon also won’t run out of “ammo” (as far as I know).


Hard to not get within 20 miles of something you don’t know is there!


sigh if DCS ME could manage the encounter, I’d happily build it. Only if…


Just name some random Sikorsky ‘dragon’ ;)

From an agility/ speed perspective that’s about how I imagine them. Just with an infinite napalm flamethrower.


Just remember, if it was all about math and odds, we’d be driving on the left, talking about sweet biscuits and eventually speaking German or Japanese.


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Agree with this.

The most perplexing/infuriating aspect of this to me is the parts of the show that are entirely fabricated for the HBO series and don’t have any correlate to the books. This “new” content is almost always horrid and painful. The entire handling of Dorne for example. Grey Worm and Missandei romance. Pain.

And so the HBO series wastes time with dreadful stuff ginned up by some pinhead that thinks his stuff is better than GRRM, and the whole product suffers. So the HBO series gives plenty of time, major parts of consecutive episodes, for their insane handling of Dorne but no time at all for Lady Stoneheart. Uh, what the fuck?