Game of Thrones (HBO)


something i never miss, i am waiting desperately in 2k18 for the next season to arrive. i hope its going to be an exciting one.


Wait a second, You think there is going to be a book 6? Have a seat John, I need to tell you something,


As if GRRM doesn’t waste hundreds of pages with useless crap. Books 4-5 were mostly fluff about stuff nobody gave a damn about. His problem now is he has no idea how to make it all relevant. the books will never be finished, so accept the fact that whatever HBO does will be considered canon. I know it hurts, but it isn’t HBO’s fault, it is GRRM’s.


Sure, HBO did take some pretty good parts of GoT and turn them into crap, Dorne at the very least. And the quality of the product has gone down now that they don’t have hundreds of pages of story to turn into a TV product, and must instead rely on a few notes and guidelines.

But it’s either compromise or go the GRRM way, and maybe in 20 years, a gray haired John Snow would finally meet Daenerys, and a middle aged Arya would show up…


Ha! GRRM is totally gonna pull a Robert Jordan and die on us well before we get to the rumored 7th? book. Hell, do we even have a release date for Book 6?


Well of course a dragon would win versus an F4 Phantom. How could it be otherwise?


Do you even read, bro?

And, sorry, no, the show won’t magically become canon over a book series, even if the latter is never completed. I find it highly doubtful that even if GRRM were to die before finishing that his notes won’t eventually be leaked. The notes might be very skeletal, leaving individuals to flesh out whatever details they feel inclined to graft onto it, but that map will be so different there won’t be any confusing of the two.


If the series isn’t finished by GRRM the only people who will talk about how “it should have ended or how GRRM meant to end it” will be total nerds who have no life. Sorry, I would have loved for GRRM to finish it himself, but I think by this time we know that isn’t going to happen.

I think part of GRRM’s problem is he is already way past his notes. He has added so much crap that he doesn’t know where he is anymore.


For all his faults, and the last books could do with a good cutting down, he neither turned the characters nor the narrative into a caricature of themselves. I could care about how, say, Jon Snow learned nothing whatsoever in the show and what that means, but I don’t believe it’s even intentional by the writers.


I love the show. Can’t wait until April!


The Hound.


The only person smart enough to fly the F-16 would be the Imp, and I give good odds on the imp.

edit: Wait, I take it back. If Daenerys is immune to fire, it’s a good bet the dragons are as well. Therefore the jet’s missiles probably can’t do much against the dragons.


So they are immune to explosions?


If they are fired, yes. Not sure about launched missiles.


I will forever love the show both for providing an ending to the series that GRRM never will AND for cutting the endless Kingsmoot down to a 5 minute scene.


HBO’s marketing machine is warming up


Your first real bit of next season.




Just a prediction that we’re going to see the first real trailer for Season 8 in the new few days.

True Detective premieres on Sunday, and Game of Thrones will follow when True Detective wraps up.