Game Over

We just got word today that the nonprofit organization I work at lost the grant that accounts for over half of our total operating budget, and that grant is for the program that most of my work is done for. Consequently at some point between now and the end of the month, my contract employment here will come to an end.

If anyone knows of anything in the central Michigan area (I live in Lansing), please let me know. My background is primarily in pc & network support, but I’ve also done plenty of writing. I’m also game for freelance writing - a couple years back I did some freelance stuff for GameSpy so I could muster up some old and new writing samples.

There is a chance that we will get some kind of partial extension of the grant for the transition period, but odds are it will only provide for full time employees, leaving us contractors SOL. Again… just wondered if anyone had any leads.


Nathan Timperley

Hey, I’m in pretty much the same boat. 30th Sept is probably my last day at the Post Office, barring any impending divine intervention.

I’ve had plenty of “offers” and “interest” but no solid bites yet. Resume available at:

I care not where the job is, so long as it’s full time, non-contractor, and pays the bills.

Boy, I wish we had the days of $.50 / word article payouts again… OGR, how we miss thee. I’d pick up freelancing again at that rate, but right now I’d feel like I was taking food out of little baby Bub’s mouth if I started dabbling in writing again.

I started thinking - “.50 a word, which friggin OGR did you work at?” - then I realized that was about right for reviews. Good ol’ days.

— Alan

Jesus, that’s a nice rate. I get 50 bucks for a 700 word article. Take it or leave it.