Game Recording Help

For some games I have options for recording demos, but most solutions only work for that game. Some even only work if you own that game.

Fraps is cool, but the file size tends to be really big and it has an oddball format, and it doesn’t work for everything. I can probably tweak it some, but is it the best out there?

If you had to record an hour of gameplay, what would you use? Hardware or software. The ideal solution could fit an hour of gameplay onto a dvd.



I would use fraps, and then convert the resulting file(s) into a different codec if space were a concern using any of Windows Media Encoder, VLC, ffmpeg, whatever floats your boat.

I don’t do this stuff that often, so maybe there is something better out there than fraps, but if it exists, I’ve yet to hear of it or try it.

There is also GameCam but i can’t say anything really good about it because i haven’t used it. Though some people on my GuildWars guild used it and thought it was decent enough. It has a trial version i think.

If you had to record an hour of gameplay, what would you use? Hardware or software.

The question is whether you can or want to spend money on a capture card or not. We initially toyed around with FRAPS, Camtasia and the like, but ultimately ended up buying a capture card. One of the advantages of capturing the footage on a second PC is that the machine you’re playing on doesn’t take any performance hit or whatsoever. If you have a game that maxes out the hardware when run with all bells and whistles, that might make a difference.


Fraps stores UNCOMPRESSED video. You run it through VDub after you’re done
to tweak the codec you really want. Your drives are the main limiting factor if
you have a PC above minimum specs for the game in question.

But yeah, a secondary computer is going to let you do realtime compression
if need be, or at least ensure smooth capturing.

Fraps can capture video extremely well if you disable sound recording, even on slower setups. But don’t even try it at higher res with sound support, it’ll turn out slow and jittery.