Game Release Dates (and Archive!) ... Any Good Sites?

I’m trying to get a “history” of retail release dates for the last 3-4 years (PC games mostly, some console games later).

I’ve seen a bunch of listings of what WILL BE coming out over the next 6 months (as is the nature of the business, obviously - to look forward to “What’s Next?”), but very little as far as a Game Release Date Archive goes (month and year).

Any suggestions?

Gamespot? They have dates listed with every game.

TotheGame has a good listing, too, including UK release dates.


Look up whatever game you want to at Moby Games. That’s the best listing I’ve found for releases. Gamespot is pretty good too.


I wish someone would resurrect :cry:

It’s just too easy a target…

Crypt would make a better post than me though. :)


Hey Troy,

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for in that I can filter by publisher and then sort by US (and UK) release date… PERFECT! :D

(Now let’s cross our fingers that it’s mostly accurate and they didn’t miss any games or classify them incorrectly… 8) )

Boy do I missed GG… I truly hope that Rich L. is doing OK…
At a minimum, I can still get my daily “Bill Harris fix” on his blog, of course… Which is nice. 8)

I used to recomend gamespy because they have the most comprehensive and complete listing (they even list Japanese console release dates).

I do however refuse to endorse this site until they seperate the PS2 section from the PSP section. I hate having to scroll throuh all the craptastic PSP movie releases trying to figure out what’s coming out for my PS2.

They’re different platforms Sluggo.