Game reviews in odd places: Cartoon Network

I just had Cartoon Network’s “Toonami” on in the background (don’t usually watch it, as those epic, multi-episode, screaming fistfights on “Dragonball-Z” don’t really appeal to me), and noticed that they do game reviews on that show.

Today, they reviewed “Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” (XBox version). The reviewers were a male robot and a female-voiced computer (both computer animated). The female computer did most of the review, and was very positive about the game. The male robot complained that the combat looked boring and that the trips across the continent took so long that by the time he got where he was supposed to be going he didn’t care anymore. The two “reviewers” got into a bit of an argument over this point, but the eventual rating for the game was “a solid 8” (out of 10).

Very lightweight review, but it was nice to see footage from the game, which they showed various scenes from, full screen, during most of the review.

Game reviews in odd places…

8 is their lowest score, by the way. I mean, technically it isn’t, but I’ve never seen anything less than 8 given.

Well, when you don’t review large volumes of games, you pretty much just go for the pick-of-the-litter stuff. I mean, why bother reviewing Tsunami 2665 when you could be talking about the wonders of Neverwinter Nights. If you don’t have time/resources/whatever to cover everything, hit the highlights, right?