Game room mancave

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“Nice little tool shed ya got here, 'Grail. Mind if I step inside…”

“OMIGOD! I’ve seen the LIGHT! I’ve died with a sword in my hand and have ascended to Valhalla!”

Wow, I like everything about this. First off, it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The outside is very clean if a bit staid. The inside though is therefore that much more impressive, it’s like the Tardis in that people will be surprised when they look in there. Two Batmobiles, including the classic, in a high place of honor, yes! A knife collection, yes! Glowy blue lighting and big speakers, yes! The mirror is used to good effect too. It looks like the kind of mancave where you go in, hang around in there for ‘a while’, then come out and realize it’s the next day.

I want to live there.

Lafayette O’Leary was hotly pursued by the royal guard. He spotted a small shed, bland and easily overlooked, but who was to say what was inside? He imagined a wide screen LCD TV, a powerful computer hooked into the internet (how it would hook into the internet in this backwards dreamworld, he wasn’t quite sure, but was determined not to look to closely at the particulars in the hopes his subconscious could arrange the details), an air conditioning unit, cool collectibles, a comfortable sofa…he was rewarded with a familiar bump in the universe and walked confidently into the shed…

With apologies to Keith Laumer

That is supremely cool. Your own private gaming/movie/fapping room detached from the house so you won’t have to hear from your signifiers other to turn down the volume. You have a security camera watching that stuff?

Man, that’s awesome! Are you married? If so, I might be able to use these pictures as leverage. “Look what his wife lets him have”. :)

Nice floor!

Love the mood lighting!

I want to go to there.

That’s quite the project, and it’s amazing what you’ve accomplished. I do wonder about heat, though. I notice it has AC, but what about winter?

Just promise me you don’t have a dungeon underneath there.

Something I’m curious about. What motivated putting the illumination behind the television?

Are you married? Are you having more or less sex with your wife as a result of the barn?

If he does, I want to know the recommended character level for the dungeon.

I love it! My wife actually suggested we convert our shed (of similar size, if not height) into an office and this just gives me a ton of great ideas!

That is amazzzzing. Lovely work there.

Wow, that’s insane, in an amazing way.