Game room mancave

The ideas you’ve given me!!!

I hope he returns to answer our questions.

Turn off the A/C and let all the electronics in there warm the space up. I bet you turn the A/C back on after half an hour. :)

Grail, that’s amazing stuff. My first thought was “he must not be letting any cats in there, with all those chess sets set up” followed by “holy fuck that’s outstanding”. Very impressive, I hope you are able to enjoy that for years and years to come.

I need to leave Minnesota. Because my first thought as well was, “No way I’m wandering outside to go into a shed in the middle of the winter to game.”

It only then occurred to me that people who live in states where the whether isn’t miserable for 3/4 of the year would not have this problem.

Awesome job, that is so nice.

Can only imagine your electric bill :)

Looks awesome, but where is the beer tap?

Needs to be topped off with some solar panels. Second the beer tap.

So I have room for that in my backyard, when will you be able to come over and build me one?

Holy shit. DO WANT.

Seriously, that looks like a paradise for someone like me who needs regular Introvert Recharge Time. No idea when I would have the budget for that, but DAMN.

As first posts / threads go, this one is a real winner. :)

And if he ever moves, all he has to do it load that onto a trailer and not only will he have a mancave in his new location, with an extension cord he can use his mancave while in transit!

It’s a Tiny House.

Is there a bathroom in there or do you just use a tree?

My first thought was I wouldn’t dare put all that in shed here. One bolt of lightning is all it would take.

Photobucket date expired.

Wow. Franklin Mint Civil War chess set. I lusted after that as a kid. Amazing to see it in the real world.

If you’re not married, why do you need a mancave? You have a house that you can do anything with, what’s the point?

I pretty much refuse to play chess anymore. I had to play it day after day after day for a job at the time, so now it is work to me rather than a game. But I still like showpiece chess sets - though I’ve found cats like to make their own moves on any chess board.

Photobucket date expired.

Does the TV backlighting do the whole adaptive Philips Ambilight thing? I’ve seen some XBMC addons that can do it with non-Philips products, so I was wondering.

What media centre software do you run? And for the LED panel hanging to the right of your desk, is it just for displaying art electronically? These are all geeky man-projects that I’ve mentioned to my wife and gotten eye-rolls for ;)

All that to say, “Whoa.”

That is some seriously amazing stuff. Nicely done Mr. Grail, nicely done. If I built something like that in my backyard my sons would think I was a GOD, my wife on the other hand would probably make me go live in it until the divorce was finalized… =)

Seriously though, there is so much going on there that I have mad respect for the time and effort it has to have taken to put it all together. Did you do it yourself or did you have contractors help with the electrical and flooring parts? Did you need to submit permits and whatnot since it is a free-standing structure? Did you have to have it inspected? How long did it take form start to finish? It’s absolutely amazing, you must barely live in your house anymore! ;-)