Game sale season

Christmas isn’t the real game season, it is right now when the inventory reduction sales start.

EB Games has 30-80% off on a lot of stuff. I just picked up Rails Across America and Moonbase Commander for $14.39 shipped. started with 30% off all items in stock, and now is at 50%. They are somewhat picked over by now, but good deals still can be found. Their site is slow, and the shipping from Canada means long shipping times for US customers, but don’t let that stop you. Don’t forget to put in the coupon code.

The EB Games deals are in the Electronics Boutique stores too. I got Moonbase Commander last night at a nearby EB for $5. I just got done playing for about an hour and so far it’s a superb game.


Well, thanks for telling us about it earlier.

I did, but it was in the IRC channel, and nobody was there. :wink:

You are assuming I knew about it earlier. I wish I had known about it when there was still hardware to be had at 30% off.

Yo dood, no worries. I just got the following hunk o’ games, which I’ve never played before, for $39 total, including air mail shipping:

  • Shadow Watch – (Yup, they have it. Now i too can learn what chick & lutes have been salivating over all these years.)
  • Worldwide Warfare Command and Conquer Collection
  • Enemy Infestation
  • Take No Prisoners
  • Spycraft: The Great Game
  • Star Wars: Behind the Magic
  • Rising Sun Gold
  • Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster
  • In Cold Blood

I’m sure some will be dogs, and some are pretty old, but I like old games and since I haven’t played any of these before, I think that’s a lot of value for $39.

outside of the pc games, I’ve been primarily stocking up on the PS2 hits games… VERY good games for about 20 bux each. I got since xmas Jak and Daxter, Virtua Fighter 4, Tekken Tag, Devil May Cry, Balders Gate DA, Onimusha, Twisted Metal Black and Gauntlet something.

I’m sorry, but its sad that Gamecube and Xbox dont have a greatest hits list to compare with this. I looked at them, and theres nada.

Ps2 is technically the most inferior of all consoles… but it has the most FUN. Fun meaning, fun games. Meaning more bang for your buck. Meaning time to get back to playing the good PS2 games you guys were playing last year!

I actually think besides the PS2 greatest hits, I’d go for the Dreamcast junk pile for bang for buck console goodness!


Damn, for a second there I thought I was going to get a new copy of Final Fantasy: Anthology for just over twenty bucks. But they appear to be out now. No wonder, even if you didn’t want to play it you could turn around and sell it on Ebay for twice that much.

Thanks for the heads up Supertanker. Pity I’m saving my pennies at the moment - still, I picked up Prince of Qin at last. Best interview of my shortlived career on GamersClick was with the publisher and designers. At the time I was pretty psyched about some of the ideas but since reading the reviews my ardour cooled immensely. About time to see just how wrong , or maybe right, I was. :)

I picked up 29 games for the pc at for $69, including shipping. The most expensive in the lot was $19.99 for AOW2, the cheapest were the EA Red and Blue packs for $9.41 each (94 cents a game is tough to pass up). I also snagged MoonBase Commander and Rune, and some Action 5 Pack that had Fakk 2, Oni, Rune, and some others in it.

As a followup, any idea if the half price offer is still valid even on items on backorder? It would be tough to pass up an X-Box bundle for $110, but they are out of stock until Feb 7 (this is the I’m referring to).

I was hoping to get Animal Crossing, and I was also looking for a memory card 259 but they only sold the 59 one… Nice post anyhow and thanks even though I wasn’t able to find anything I wanted…

No, the Dragon sale is for instock items ONLY. They are clearing out some stuff. BTW, Dragon is a good site in general. They usually have the best prices on new games, possibly because the conversion works in our favor or maybe just because of different import taxes. Whatever the reason, I get games from there a lot. Airmail sucks however, and sometimes the boxes will be shot (on PC games).

The discount games are a nice advantage of the PS2. But I think some of it is due to being out awhile longer. The Cube had few games discounted until very recently, then I saw Tony Hawk 3 for $10, and Eternal Darkness and NBA Street for $20 ea. So I’m not too sad right now 8)


It took those bastids at two days to tell me that they shipped my order WITHOUT Shadow Watch and the Command and Conquer box. They took my order Sunday for both, and Shadow Watch was the main thing I wanted in the whole order. They didn’t even list it as “only a few left” on the order page like they did with some of the more popular games. Fuckers! Fuckers!!!

I stopped in my local EB tonight, and it looks like they are dumping out the nooks & crannies of the warehouse, too. A number of older titles are already cheap, and if they had a green sticker it was another 25% off. I’ve been picking up older games I had previously skipped but get high praise around here, so I got Thief Gold (used), Ground Control, Kohan, and Ahriman’s Gift. I also tossed in a copy of Aquanox to have some eye candy to show visitors. Total for all that was $30. While I did lower my standards to try a few more recent RTS games, I still did not drop them low enough to get Kiss Psycho Circus Collector’s Edition for $3.30.

I’m still waiting for them to drop the price of Sniper: Path of Vengeance. $3 is about my threshold. I think they caught on to me, though, as it hasn’t dropped in price one iota in spite of the fact that nobody’s buying it. :evil:

I played through Kiss Psycho Circus while I was extremely ill. The freaky graphics mixed with my fever induced hallucinations made for quite an interesting experience. I’ve been tempted to play it again, but I haven’t been sick enough.

EB likes to think of themselves as a discounter and for the most part that’s true. They take the price cut the moment they can get it. With PC games losing shelf space in the store, a lot of this older stock had to go. No one was buying it at the higher prices anyway.

I’ve always kept a close eye on the PC game bargain rack at EB because you just never know what’ll pop up there. I got Europa Universalis there for $1.99 some time last year. Since I had lost my Total Annihilation CDs, I picked that up recently for like $3.99 in jewelcase format. Make sure you check those spinners!

The greatest EB sale in the history of the company was the first warehouse sale they did at their West Chester warehouse/home office in '93. My store was closed for remodeling when the sale happened and the whole staff got to work the sale. We left early to see if we could get any deals because we had heard there was all sorts of stuff there that may never be seen again, hadn’t been seen in a long time. We were the first employees other than warehouse staff to get there and I got one of the two Neo Geo systems they had for sale. I RAN to that table and found it. I missed out on Samurai Shodown because one of the warehouse guys picked it up before me. They had piles of Geo games for $49.99 and this was at a time when most, even used, were still going for $200 or more. They had Turbo Duos for like $80, mounds of PC games, etc. It was amazing. They actually jammed traffic so bad on route 202, which runs past the warehouse, that the police came out to direct it all. It was on the radio to stay away from the area unless you wanted the great deals. :)

The lines were hours long to check out, even with about twenty registers. I’ve never seen anything like it, ever. Some friends came down from Reading and filled me in on all the action outside. They also walked out of there with piles of stuff. That was the first time EB took trade-ins too. They ran a table for people to bring stuff in. They were very hesitant at the time, but knew they were getting burned by smaller local owned retailers because those guys were dealing in used. One guy here in Reading used to pound the local EB because of his used games. The rest is history…

I still can’t believe I got a Neo Geo that day for $250 (Gold system), with Fatal Fury 2, Last Resort and World Heroes 2. I think I went back and got another game the following day…but I can’t quite remember what. Definitely a gaming image that’s burned into my head forever. They had a sale the following year and it was nothing like the first. There were some good deals…but none of the rare and collectible stuff they had the previous one. I think I bought one game the second time…Star Crusader from Take2/Gametek IIRC. It was fun to work there though. Pete Rothimayr, the top video game guy gave me a ride to my car afterward. Joe Firestone was there…etc. EB employees and former employees will know of whom I speak. Hard to believe the company started from a cart in a mall. One of those two wheel jobs where someone sits on a bench next to it selling their stuff.


Speaking of jewelcase reissues, a few month ago I picked up bargain jewelcase release of Outlaws. It’s noteworthy because it includes all the massive patches and additional content previously only available by a rather strenuous downloading regimen from LucasArts.

No kidding. The way you describe it, it sounds like it had more impact on you that losing your virginity. “The second time was nothing like the first!”*

  • That is, I’m assuming you’ve lost your virginity, for the sake of politeness.