Game Sales Data

This was linked by some random guy on shacknews:

Pretty interesting stuff-- an Excel spreadsheet with sales data on over 2,000 games for all console platforms up to August of this year.

Some interesting stuff in there. Thanks for the link Wumpus.

88,000 people bought Bruce Lee for the Xbox. I wonder what the return rate was.

Only 131,000 copies of Ico sold!?! Yet half a million units sold of State of Emergency. <sigh>

For those of you who care,

Xbx: 1,032,565 games sold for $47,213,724.12

PSX: 2,885,774 games sold for $81,051,528.83

PS2: 4,422,506 games sold for $113,529,788.72

N64: 84,664 games sold for $2,287,665.14

GCN: 867,512 games sold for $40,015,099.31

DC: 64,981 games sold for $878,851.03

All others: 22,904 games sold for $260,754.87

No data on the GBA, though :?

any validity to these #s?

any idea where they came from or if they are verifiable?

some link to a homemade spreadsheet on Shacknews seems a little scary.

X-box has sold more games than Gamecube?!?!? That seems like crazy talk as the consoles sold disparity is in favor of the GC. iSN’T IT? I wonder what the #'s on “total games released” is.

Once again we need Dave Long’s GC v. X-Box expertise;

“Paging Dave Long. Dave Long you have a call on the white courtesy phone.”

I have no trouble believing it. Even if more Gamecubes have sold, more Xbox games have been released than GC games by a wide margin. Those numbers might shift now that Nintendo is finally getting some big guns out there.

That isn’t surprising considering that Microsoft has actively marketed to an older crowd, trying to steal the PS2’s audience. Nintendo has always maintained that they were actually a toy company that makes the best games, happy to court the parents as well as the kids. The result is that Xbox owners tend to be older and have more disposable income than Gamecube owners.

The numbers in that spreadsheet match identically what we get internally at EA. Any title that is multiplatform has the PS2 outsell the Xbox at least 4 to 1, and the Xbox outsell the GCN usually 2 or 3 to 1. And that’s not just sports games, but action and adventure as well.

I agree with Andrew, though, GCN is going to sell a lot more with a much stronger Xmas lineup than the Xbox.

I have no trouble believing it. Even if more Gamecubes have sold, more Xbox games have been released than GC games by a wide margin. Those numbers might shift now that Nintendo is finally getting some big guns out there.[/quote]

I sorta figured that while I was typing, but kept going anyway and then tacked on the bit about wondering how many total have been released on each console. That would be a good comparative stat.

picks up phone

Honestly, the numbers of consoles sold is pretty close. Xbox was ahead earlier in the year, but with the releases of some of Nintendo’s bigger games recently, that may have changed. These numbers look reasonable, but without some kind of qualification, there’s no way to know how close they are.

Were they from the publishers themselves? Doubtful. It’s more likely they represent only those tracked by NPD Funworld or someone like that. If so, Nintendo will be underrepresented because Wal-Mart among others doesn’t report and Nintendo does a large quantity of business there. Same with K-Mart I believe. Note also that the totals in the post above are based on the August totals not the lifetime to date totals. Something like Super Smash Brothers Melee is a million seller, but only sold a small number of those in 2002. By the same token, Microsoft has sold more than a million copies of Halo, but only 57,000 in August of 2002.

These are probably the NPD numbers and the picture is interesting but the main thing it proves (if the numbers can be trusted) is that Sony rules the market with an iron fist and they’re not just doing it with PS2. Apparently, through August of 2002, there are a hell of a lot people content to play games on their PSOnes. From personal experience, I know I’m still buying and playing PSOne games myself.

Totals for Lifetime to Date from that sheet…

GCN 8,443,042 Units
PS2 58,428,457 Units
PSOne 279,914,462 Units
XBX 12,015,474 Units

There are more Xbox games available than Gamecube games according to the sheet. Obviously, there are more PS2 and PSOne titles than both systems on the sheet. I don’t think there are more than 1238 titles on PSOne which is what that sheet suggests…so looking at that and the number of units sold and then comparing with PS2 and its units number with only 325 titles available… we can pretty much assume that at this rate, the PS2 will outsell the PSOne on games by the end of its lifetime.


BTW, I wouldn’t use the dollars Reeko’s post up above. It’s based on average retail in the sheet which skews the values quite a bit. If you look at the DC games, most are now at like $10 or so which yeah, if you bought it today, you’d pay that. However, most sales probably occurred at the higher $50 price point. Same applies for all the other systems.


101 Xbox Games:

41 sport
4 simulation
4 shooters
23 Racing
5 fighting
2 family entertainment
7 adventure
13 action

1238 PSX Games:

43 strategy
262 sports
8 simulation
145 shooters
82 rpg
185 racing
27 “other…”
94 fighting
74 family entertainment
38 children’s
32 arcade
64 adventure
184 action

324 PS2 Games

10 Strategy
89 sports
16 simulation
27 shooter
21 rpg
62 racing
8 “other…”
12 fighting
11 family entertainment
3 arcade
19 adventure
46 action

69 Gamecube Games:

1 strategy
27 sports
1 simulation
2 shooters
1 rpg
14 racing
5 fighting
4 family entertainment
4 adventure
10 action

The dollar number comes from the total copies of each game sold in August times the average price of each game in August. The totals are correct.

One more interesting observation… note how important it is to have your own system AND make games for it. Sony has very few of the top selling games on their own platform. On the other hand, Nintendo owns the top like 10 slots on N64 and five of the top 10 on the Cube thus far. Microsoft has at least learned this lesson and has five of the top ten on their system.

This is the most important reason you want to have your own console. Sega can’t even come close to selling as many games on other platforms as they could on Dreamcast. Sony is revelling in their number one position, but their business model for PS2 also demands it. If they were to fall behind, their game sales could never make up for the loss of all that third party revenue they’re getting right now through being the number one licensor.

So next time someone tells you Microsoft or Nintendo should quit, even me, note to them that the numbers say otherwise as long as they’re the number one publishers on their own platform. Nintendo has made a living at doing this. With Metroid Prime on the horizon, it looks like that’s not going to change.


The dollar number comes from the total copies of each game sold in August times the average price of each game in August. The totals are correct.

Your totals are correct, I’m just saying they don’t mean anything. Many of the games listed may be selling at a much lower average retail in August of 2002 than they were at their launch. For current games, it works, so for August, the number works…but don’t confuse that with Lifetime to date average retail.

It’s just not a really great number. Comparing total units in this case makes more sense.


Er, I don’t see your logic. Sony’s numero uno. Seems to me they have the most successful business model. Sure, maybe they make less per sale due to the bulk of their third-party business (which, btw, both Microsoft and Nintendo would kill to have), but they also aren’t footing the bill for developing those games, including all the ones that are sales duds. So some third-party title only sells 50,000 units and loses money? Sony still makes money on that title.

One other thing about those numbers. Do they include Japanese and European sales? My guess is they don’t, and that if you did include those numbers, Nintendo would vault ahead of the Xbox.

I’m fairly sure the US is the biggest worldwide market for consoles. I know in pharmaceuticals, it definitely is-- I have access to the sales data. That’s why the US division of (unnamed giant pharmaceutical firm I am working at) wields such power in all global meetings. They generate the most income, by far.

I don’t see why video games would be any different.

Also, am I the only person in the world who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Metroid? I was racking my brain trying to think of all these “strong” titles that GC has for Xmas… Mario is kind of considered a dud, and if he can’t save GC, I certainly don’t think a second-tier Nintendo franchise like Metroid can. Kids don’t know Metroid-- they know Mario and Donkey Kong.

I’m not sure if the U.S. is the #1 or #2 market since I haven’t seen the Japan numbers in some time. Even if it is just the #2 market, it has a significantly large customer base for these companies to draw on.

That being said, I believe that the assumption that worldwide, Gamecube games are outselling Xbox games, seems pretty safe. Xbox games have pretty well all been duds in Japan while Nintendo typically has very strong sales figures in its mother country. Couple that with the fact that the Gamecube has outsold the Xbox by a large margin in Japan and I think it gives Mark a pretty safe argument to lean on.

European numbers showed the Xbox lagging in 3rd place in the console wars, but I haven’t seen any numbers since the $100 price drops. Xbox may have made some inroads since then.

Either way, being an owner of both the Gamecube and the Xbox, I have purchased 6 Gamecube games and 2 Xbox games so far. The numbers may tilt a bit as Xbox actually released some better games, but until that point, those are my personal sales numbers.

Wow didn’t know Crash Bandicoot was so popular at the top 10. I liked that game!

I wish they did a pc sales chart… I’m sure we’d find some surprises.

oh yeah, and pc to console crpg Morrowind at 200k hey not too bad imo.


One thing that surprised me about those numbers was just how dead the N64 is. The PSX is still generating a lot of sales, but the N64 looks like a dead system. Maybe it’s just the difference in expense in manufacturing carts vs. CDs. Or maybe it’s that PSX titles can be played on the PS2.