Game suggestion for 6 year old boy?

Are you getting Lego Batman 1 or 2? 2 is much, much better. (I would have said go with LEGO Lord of The Rings. It’s amazing. :))

One thing: What’s your definition of violence? LEGO games involve lots and lots of violence, as in you hit lots and lots of things. But nothing “dies” so much as “falls apart” and there’s no “gore”.

Bit Trip Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien would be great for a 6 year old.

I already ordered Batman 1, but if this one goes over well I’m not opposed to getting more Lego games in the future. He doesn’t get a lot of screen time, so a game can last a while.

I thought about whether I wanted to get him a game where he was fighting stuff, but I guess I decided that since they are Lego toys that break into pieces I would be OK with that. I think my wife and I have a tendency to be a little too conservative with what we let him do, but I don’t want him to be so sheltered that he is weird to his first grade classmates.

I’ve got that on the PC. I think that will be another one I let him try. I think I may have once and he had some trouble, but if I bring it up once in a while it will hopefully improve his hand eye coordination.

World of Goo is good too, if we’re considering PC games.

I just thought I’d share that my son and I have started playing Rayman Origins on my PC when he takes his ‘screen time’ and he is loving it. He did fine at the beginning, even getting the wall jump after a handful of tries, but now that we are in the 2nd world he is having more trouble. The bubble system works great for coop play with kids. I usually let him get out ahead of me and try what he wants, knowing that I can save him. I step in when he has too much trouble getting something. I think he’ll also like the Lego Batman we got him for the 360 that he’ll get for Christmas.


That’s cool. Finding games to play with kids is pretty difficult, especially when they are really young. I play Spelunky with my 3-year old daughter on my lap, but because of that, I never use the shotgun or kill the shopkeepers, which limits my strategies to purchasing items.

I started off my 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl with Disney Infinity on the PS3 when it was released. Now they have graduated from playing the campaigns from the 3 starters and the add-on sets into building their own worlds. You might want to check out the 360 version of Infinity Rob for you kid.

I just added it to his Amazon wishlist so I don’t forget about it come his birthday.