Game suggestions?

Hey all,

I’ve been in a bit of a gaming funk recently, playing such retreads as Icewind Dale 2 and CS:Source. I was wondering what people are playing these days that they’re really into. I was looking at Sins, but it just didn’t seem what I was looking for. A little too heavy on the RTS side, I think. Anyway, I’m looking for something substantial to mess around with. I’d prefer something on the PC, cause I’m sorta holding off on an Xbox360 game until GTA comes out. So, has anything recently really grabbed you?

Erik J.

I’m replaying Civ 4, which I don’t even really like, because nothing is really grabbing me at the moment. I need to get back to The Witcher at some point.

I haven’t played anything on the 360 since Christmas.

I just got back into Thief 2, and it’s really, really good. Bit of a slow second mission (VERY big), but everything else is golden. I’m really enjoying the presentation of the story.

I’m playing the Roma Surrectum mod for Rome: Total War. The campaign is much larger this time around, and I have found that I need to ban myself from playing it less I want to get nothing done all day. I’ve hit a bit of a block where I need to mop up the Gauls, but otherwise it’s fun messing with the various legions and the new proconsul units. If you already have Rome, it’s worth giving a shot.

I’m actually replaying Unreal.

Say what you will, but for my money it still has the best pure sci-fi atmosphere of any shooter I have seen.

I’m playing Sam and Max Season 1 - grabbed a retail copy for $20 at Best Buy. I’m not losing hours to it like RB6V2/CoD4 or Sins (lost most of today to it), but it’s a nice adventure you can play in bursts.

Erik, since you probably like css, maybe you should give TF2 a try. Or maybe one of the Battlefield games. I’ve been playing both and having a blast.

If you like rougelikes at all, there’s a non-conventional one called “The Unreal World” that has you surviving in an old age in the Finland wilderness.

It’s a incredibly complex survival game. You can hunt, skin, make clothes from the skin. You can fish. Cut down trees, make bowls and cups and traps and spears and trade with a town. Make a home with a tent or build a cottage. You have so many options in the game you can even be a cannibal. The world is gigantic and alive, with various herds of wildlife, villages, and raider camps. It’s very realistic (or a little more sadistic in a few ways) and you can die in battle very easily. You have to be wary of your wounds and what you eat or else your wounds will fester or spoiled food will poison you. Plagues and wildfires sometimes appear in regions. You can catch animals to be your pets and livestock, milking them or butchering them in the winter when you need them.

It’s just really amazing in breadth and overlooked and underrated.

Mount & Blade Version 0.903

I just re-started Assassin’s Creed. This time I’m going through without any sort of UI. It really makes the game more interesting.

Since you like Counterstrike, you could try STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, which plays like a military-combat-themed mini-RPG in post-apocalyptic Ukraine.

The game has a few bugs but a lot of depth. I think the devs have patched the game up to reduce some of the more annoying bugs. There are plenty of mods available to tailor the game to your liking.