Game that needs to be made for the DS

Magic Pengel DS. Come on, seriously.

You’re right, that would be a great port.

Games that are being made:

Advance Wars DS <- HOT
New Castlevania

Games that should be made:

Master of Magic DS
Civilization DS <- Would be best portable game ever :)
Fire Emblem DS

The first two just won’t happen, but I’d bet money that Fire Emblem will make the jump.

Blaster Master
Kid Icarus
Gauntlet II

Oh god, Magic Pengel DS and Seaman DS would officially make this the best system EVAR.

I would kill to get Vandal Hearts DS or to have a Langrisser DS (I believe this is the japanese name for the series, one installment was released here as WarSong for the Genesis) game brought over. For that matter I bet they could do a nifty rendition of DragonForce on the DS as well… drool.

I’ve been advocating X-Com for the GBA for a while. With the DS this is even more viable. Pencil-thing = mouse-like controls.

Edit: I’d like to say that if X-Com got ported to the GBA, my life would end. I would never stop playing it, ever. It would be like Christmas every day of the year, until I starved to death from not eating.

A roguelike - TOME or ADOM (© Morn). The extra screen would be so useful.

Civilization II DS
Sim City DS
Lucasarts Aventure Archive DS

Paper Mario
An updated Mario RPG

With the added horsepower of the DS, hackers should now be able to get SNES and Genesis emulators running at a decent framerate.

This combined with Mario 64 is all I need for a day 1 purchase.

Chu Chu Rocket DS

But… with wireless multiplayer… oh god…

So who owns the rights to X-Com anyway? Basically why can’t this happen?

Is it safe to assume the new CV is still a sidescroller?


Dragon Force DS?