Game - That Which Sleeps

Seriously? Why? We have a thread here for that shit, it can stay in there.

And this game, how they are progressing on development and your blog posts on it have shit all to do with GG anyway.

Amazing how you make it sound like your article was the only reason Dinosaur released that editor. Man, you really are quite full of yourself aren’t you?

First thing I saw in the title was the GG hashtag, I closed the tab in disgust. So tired of that shit.

Gross blog, dude.

But I’m glad someone is out there making sure they’re the lone hero keeping the Kickstarter trains running on time.

Let’s not focus on that blog and let’s do it in the game itself, which is very promising. In fact it sounds too good to be true!

Blood Magic, Hexes & The Planes
Magic, Rituals & Wonders
War & Combat

What is the state of the Beta? Is it available to people who buy in now?

I know the beta isn’t still ready. No idea about the date.

Man, I would kill for a Dominions with this art.

The updates on this are awesome.

Bring on the beta!!!

I forgot I backed this, but at the lowest $10 tier, I am guessing it will be awhile till keys come out for that tier. :p

Yeah, I’m in the same boat, but the updates are so much fun to read :-D

The game is being a bit delayed (still no beta…) but they did a preview of the scenario selection. Promising

I want this game to have my children.

The game seems to exist!

I really like the look of the map. Simple and clean.

<channels Tom> You guys stink. I was hoping you were going to post that the beta was out. </Tom>

Damn, looking good. Looks to be a lot going on.

1 update video every week until release! :O


Reveals a lot about gameplay, and it certainly looks like there is a lot of work done on the game.

Wait. This is actually coming out?

Yeah I wrote this off a long time ago. I really thought. The thing is these statements:

That Which Sleeps
Posted by King Dinosaur Games (Creator)
Going forward I will be posting a video every week until release, please keep your eyes on the YouTube channel for updates as I move forward. I understand the healthy skepticism you may feel towards that statement and respect it.

I apologize for the silence - I haven’t dealt with the defects both in development and in design in a respectful or professional manner. I’ve essentially put four years of my life into this game and the setbacks that recur have felt crippling at times and I turn inward as a coping method.

The game is in a good state - it’s complex, polished, and rich with content. I’ll be working hard to get it out to you as soon as possible.

Design wise obviously a lot of things have changed. The major changes have been gating challenges behind Local Assets and with Profile being fluid. I’ll write up a full description of the mechanics and the implications they create/solve in the next update.

I feel like I get them every 8 months or a year or something and nothing else.