Game trading

Figured I’d start a topic for trading games… A spot to swap older games for games you missed.

To start, I never did see the final version of Anachronox, and searches of the bargain bins haven’t turned it up. Anyone want to trade their copy for, say, Kohan: Immortal Soveriegns?

Denny, you can certainly borrow my copy. We live close enough that I can drop it off if you like.


When you get anachronox make sure to install the patch - it had a couple of crash bugs that it shipped with that wouldn’t let you progress after a certain point.

Hey, I couldn’t even get Anachronox to run under XP.

I’d get the opening movie, then nothing.

I must be missing something here…



Sounds like an excuse to get the Vermont gamers together for lunch one day, eh? :)

I’ve seen Anachronox at local Gamestops for between $15-$19. Here ya go.

I have a slew of older games I’m working on putting up on eBay, including Master of Magic. I’ve also got Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Ultima Underworld, and so on, if anyone is interested. :)

I’ll be all over the Ultima Underworld

It’d get Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift, if I were you; that’s all anyone plays multi.

It’s the first one, and it’s in the box with all disks and instructions. If there’s anything you’d like to trade for it, PM me. :)

I have 20 Sengir Vampires and 20 Serra Angels. I am looking for a complete set of Forests with every piece of artwork ever printed on a Forest card in all editions and expansions. No deal if the set does not include the ultra-rare signature edition Forrest Gump card…wait, what are trading again?

I have a few Arabian Nights mountains

You geek-fu is mighty, indeed.

Why not just sign up at I use it a good bit, and it is a good way to trade games. It’s $20 for a year’s subscription, but you make that back quickly, and you don’t HAVE to subscribe, if you want to depend on others who do to initiate trades.

If I catch any of you bozos trading review copies of our games, I’ll personally come over and take you up the arse.

Heh. Didn’t AIM offer 500K to anyone who would do this (in the Romero topic?). If you send ME a review copy, I would NEVER trade it! I’ll even write an article about it, if you want.

Ah, didn’t know about GameTZ. Cool.

I don’t have the need/desire to do this often enough to justify it, though. My to play pile is insane. I was just curious about Anachronox.

And I figured a topic here might be useful… Good chance for people to trade completed games for games they were curious about.

By some sort of miracle, does anyone happen to have a copy of Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon?

Yes, and you cannot have it, it’s mine. (And Sarah would kill me.)

I think you can steal - sorry, I meant “download” - it at Underdogs these days.

It pops up all the time (OK, a couple times a month) on ebay. It’s not cheap, but it rarely goes for more than it did new.

Sounds like an excuse to get the Vermont gamers together for lunch one day, eh?

You exposed my devilish plan. :twisted:


I’m waiting for the wife swapping thread myself…

I know I’m really looking forward to Rise of Nations. We’re supposed to get copies of that for our non-game work on it (we’re working with Microsoft to do the WindowBlinds visual style themes for it).