Game Trailers that give you chills


Still amazing.

Hahah, I just thought to myself ‘Huh, I’m sure there was a thread similar to this a while back that was quite popular’ and, it was my thread!

Not to deter others from contributing here but there’s a lot of good stuff on there as well! :-)

By far my favorite.

The king has yet to be surpassed.

It’s probably my least favorite game of the series, but I think Mass Effect 2 had the best trailers.

I always thought this was pretty cool. It got me to buy the game, anyway.

Killing Monsters is great, as mentioned above.

I always thought this was a well edited trailer

I will always love this trailer

I mean, say what you will about Gears… they can throw together a trailer.

Can’t forget this one. It almost brought me to tears I was so happy (quite sick at the time too so it held extra impact)

Still so good! Found a HD version!

and, of course,

Would a TennoCon trailer count?

Of course!

A most shitty game, gave us the best Warhammer trailer EVER made…

It marks us all.

It has been.

Wrong Trailer. This one is way better.

Technically an intro, but let’s just call it a “cinematic trailer”.

“This is HQ to any available units. We have mechs down at nav gamma.”

But this ones nice as well:

And of course this one: