Game Trailers that give you chills

Still so good! Found a HD version!

and, of course,

Would a TennoCon trailer count?

Of course!

A most shitty game, gave us the best Warhammer trailer EVER made…

It marks us all.

It has been.

Wrong Trailer. This one is way better.

Technically an intro, but let’s just call it a “cinematic trailer”.

“This is HQ to any available units. We have mechs down at nav gamma.”

But this ones nice as well:

And of course this one:

How good could a Tetris trailer be?

Pathologic has some good trailers, with some of the eeriest music I’ve heard in a game, plus the fever-dream setting:

These EvE trailers are very well executed:

Setting aside the storied history that followed, this is still a pretty great teaser (except for all the LIES, of course):

I bought both of these just off the music in the trailers alone:

3rd video is the one with the cool music:

Ever since Rome 2, Creative Assembly’s trailers have been amazing. And, strangely, they change them up between being a “trailer” and being the “opening cut scene”, for whatever reason.

But for Trailers That Give You Chills, the history nerd in me who can put themselves into the historical context (and, maybe, see a bit of that context today) you can’t really top this, just about perfect except for the very end.

This was bloody awesome, and got a bit of attention back in the day:

However there was a longer and far more epic trailer, obviously done by the same people:

I like that one too but I still think the original trailer is the best one.

Not sure if this counts, but FF6’s intro was amazing

This is one of those I replayed over and over and over.

And then there is this…Its more of…a movie than a trailer - once again by Blur studio!