Game Tutorials that are FUN

Topic explains itself. Prey had an interesting take. So did Far Cry 2. Sorry if this topic is rehashed; I didn’t find an old thread.

World of Goo had a fun tutorial, then again the game was really fun too.

Dark Souls also had that fantastic tutorial/starting area, that pretty much set you up for what to expect the rest of the game. :D

The single one I can think of is Through the Ages’. Maybe more “funny” than “fun”, though.

For many of us, the tutorial makes or breaks spending time with a game.

Love this game. I think they skipped the “tutorial” conceit, or they just surpassed it.

I almost feel like Portal is an unfair answer, but it’s the first thing that came to mind.

You can consider the campaign in Dawn of Discovery (Anno 1404) to be itself a long tutorial, in which case I find it fun enough to play hundreds of hours of it!

Not exactly what I was going for, but OK!

The digital version of the Through the Ages board game is freaking hilarious and effective.

Temple of Trials, Fallout 2.

OK. So the industry has evolved and has merged introduction to tutorial…Who does that best?

Two games I worked on had tutorials that I think could be considered “fun” - Red Faction: Guerrilla and Saints Row: The Third.

After working on the game for a couple of years, I was used to blazing through RFGs tutorial in like five seconds, so watching playtesters take an inordinately long time to break fuckin everything made me realize how different and potentially special the destruction in the game was, and how some people just wanted to “play” with it.

SR3s opening, on the other hand, came together very late. Early on, it was some really rough scripting with a bunch of gray box levels and unfinished systems, so when it finally coalesced towards the later stages of development, it was both a huge relief and a huge pleasure to see how perfectly it set up the new SR tone as compared to the previous games.

Doom (2016) had a fantastic tutorial beginner area. Within 2 minutes you knew exactly what this game was about.

Saints Row 4’s tutorial/intro is fun and hilarious. Probably the best I’ve ever seen. ;)

Two iconic games i admit to have never played.

Not sure how your input added to the tutoriial idea, but your participation on this board is freaking awesome, and the description of player feedback is incredible. Please don’t run away!

Boughten and can’t get to work steaming to my laptop! So frustrating.

I remember God of War 2 (I think) started you with all your powers and abilities unlocked to play with, and then the first act was you being betrayed and having your powers and godhood stolen from you by Zeus. Then you got to spend the rest of the game relearning and unlocking them again.

LOL that is so shitty.

It is the shittiest. Just as in every Metroid game, that dreams up equally inane methods of depriving you of the abilities you built up in the previous game.

Witcher 3’s tutorial area (White Orchard) was an amazing introduction to, and microcosm of, the entire game.