Game you're loving the most - right at this minute

X4: Foundations for me!

Wrestling Empire! I tried the demo one hour ago and have been having tremendous fun.

Cyberpunk 2077. It’s really gotten its hooks into me.

I’m currently suffering an AI War 2 reinfection.

Dead Cells. It’s hard for me to not play.

Surprisingly, Spiderman Remastered.

Not sure I follow; are you asking what game I’m playing right this minute or what game I love the most?

If it was really your favorite, you’d be playing it right now at this minute (probably).

Vampire Survivors on my Steam Deck.

Death Stranding, oddly enough. What a weird game.

Antihero, dude I am playing against hit my placed traps on his last 2 turns, I cackled with glee on the 2nd trap trigger.

Still playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a bit every day.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I had played through this with the Blue Lions on release, but hadn’t touched anything that came out later. After finishing up FE6 a month or two ago, decided to tackle the expansion for this, and really liked it. A self-contained mini-campaign with a defined set of characters that the levels could be precisely tailored around made for a great change of pace from the main game. And then I continued on into the new Maddening difficulty mode, which has kept me on my toes.

Game you’re really digging (not always the game people are actually plating right at this moment).

Elden Ring.

Dragon Age: Origins, mostly. I don’t think I’ve played in over a decade, and I was surprised that in many respects it still comes off as the best game BioWare ever made. However, I forgot how every major quest/mission seems to overstay its welcome by a good 60-90 minutes (oh boy, another long sequence in the fade!).

I’ve been conflicted about getting this one for a while now. It looks so over the top and hilarious, but also like the kind of game I might enjoy reading about/watching other people play much more than playing myself. I understand the controls/gameplay are (intentionally?) janky, and I’m not sure how much patience I’ll have for it, even if the prospect of my character randomly dying after a routine suplex or from being pushed in front of a subway train by your rival sounds too funny to pass up.


Core Keeper. It’s really scratching the Terraria itch although I’m also dipping my toes back in the Labour of Love patch which just dropped.

Cyberpunk 2077. Gaming time is limited, and I am sitting in front of the final quest. Can’t wait to see where it ends.

Kosc, don’t make me reinstall it. Such a great game.

It’s Splatoon 3 for me. It boils my piss but it’s so easy to just have another game. One day I will make it out of A rank.

What’s that you say good sir, want an invite? Done! :D