Game you're loving the most - right at this minute

Hey that’s cool! It says “Rise and Fall”. Do the Commanche’s have to fall in the game?

I’m probably not the only person who sometimes pairs their game-of-the-moment with whatever they are reading, right? Hopefully not. Anyway, if you haven’t read this already, it’s fantastic.

Well, Spiritfarer came out on iOS (thanks to Netflix), and playing it a bit made me remember how wonderful it is (and how wonderful it sounds!). Unfortunately, the port has a lot of little bugs, and at least one pretty big bug (not saving properly), so at the moment I’m loving the memory of playing Spiritfarer more than actually playing it!

The memory of Spiritfarer is probably the best part anyway. Charming game, but it wore me out with too much busywork.

I’m also currently hooked on Cyberpunk, though dabbling with Dorfromanitk, and theoretically not gaming much over the next couple weeks regardless.

I was just going to post about this book. Terrific read.

I like the chill path plotting and hiking around in beautiful landscapes. The chatty people from home base are annoying.

Across the Obelisk is amazing and has consumed me this month so far. How much is too much content though? Would suit retirees.

Right now my love is Dark Souls, but Im playing the Surge 2!

I deeply enjoyed my time on XboXx with Red Dead Redemption 2. Even bought a 65" oled to enjoy it more. So sad it’s over. A true classic of our times.

Currently on Xbox I play a bit of MechWarrior 5. It’s good. Crunchy. Punchy. Metal. It’s nowhere near as good as RDR2 :’(

Of course most of my gaming time I spend on DCS on PC VR. That viper canyon bombing run is as exhilarating the 102nd time as the first.

This is me, except I’m not done with my play through yet. Deacon starts off a little weird and grating, but I’ve really warmed up to the character / actor a ton. Really enjoying the story, and only do the more open world stuff as I run across it while playing.

Hunt: Showdown! It’s really an awesome battle royale with a unique twist and great atmosphere. Very well done and I still play it almost daily.

Great to hear someone else enjoying Hunt: Showdown. It’s fantastic. I’ve been away from it for a while and started again on Wednesday. Got slapped all over but it was still great :)

Yeah it’s pretty great! I play with randoms 95% of the time so it has it’s ups and downs but no issues for the most part other than having to use in game voice which can be heard by others nearby.

I never thought I’d say this. Like never ever.

Fallout 76. It’s a Fallout game. I like Fallout games.

Sue me. :p

I’ve kind of hit a dry spell - I’ve played some good games in the last month, but none that I’d really elevate to loving. Supraland was probably the closest.

How puzzley is Outer Worlds?

Not very. It’s like a Bethesda game. Unless you mean Outer Wilds, in which case, very puzzly indeed :)

For me, Cyberpunk with the flying car mod. Funny just to putz about with.

I think that’s what confused me. I read something about there being a lot of puzzles but I think that was Outer Wilds.

After a couple years I’ve booted up a couple of old faithfuls, N++ and Slay the Spire.
Still great.

Gran Turismo 7. I wasn’t too excited to play it when it came out, but bit when it went on sale a few weeks ago.

The driving is rock solid, of course, but I wasn’t prepared for just how compelling its weird campaign structure is. I’m excited to collect random cars just to see what the static employee headshot photo characters have to say about them. There are just so many toggles and checklists and activities in its world, varying from absolutely useless to game-changing, each presented with the same ridiculous level of auto magazine polish.