... ideas?

So, I was checking out SurfAid a few months ago and then the Surfrider Foundation (they have some nice flip flops) and it led me to wonder: What’s at

Well, nothing, it turns out. I registered it for a year, thinking that I’ll do something with it if I come up with an idea. Otherwise – it’s was $10 and I’ll just let it expire.

I’m aware of Child’s Play but are there any other charities that are game focused? What about game developer backed?

Any ideas or thoughts about where to go with this? It would be fun to establish a 501c3 and do something interesting involving the game developer community.

Would the QT3 community back it as a new charitable non-profit in the gaming community? What would make you want to support it?

Take a look at the politics and religion forum. You think that game developers can agree on ANYTHING? Coders can’t even agree where to put a curly bracket. Are we all going to suddenly agree on charities?
I doubt it, sadly.

What would a new charity in this vein cover that isn’t already handled adequately by Child’s Play?

I guess that depends on what the charitable cause is. Instead of poaching on Child’s Play, it could raise money to support grants to independent game developers, sell used games and return the profits to the studio that made the game, support development overseas, etc. I’m all for Child’s Play – I was just wondering if anybody had ideas about another game-related charity that could peacefully co-exist with them.

How about keeping track of all the different organizations, along with the events going on that donate to them?

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Hey, I didn’t know about that. Good for them.

You should probably just use the name to market a line of eSports Drinks.