Gameboy Advance Headphoens?

I’m traveling tomorrow and am of course bringing my GBA with its FFIV goodness.

I have a nice set of headphones i’d like to use with it. Needless to say, the GBA has its stupid custom headphone jack. Is there any adapter available out there that will let me use my normal headphones with this thing?


Gamestop or EB should have them.

Yeah… although I don’t know if you can get it seperately. I got mine as part of a freebie package I got when I bought the GBA.

I’ve never really had the desire to listen to the GBA music though. I’ve been spoiled by MP3s on the PSP I guess. The GBA makes a great system to play while I’m listening to other music IMO, though. Since they don’t have the ability to have voice, it’s not necessary to listen to games to make sure you don’t miss important stuff (unlike the PSP).

I have a small little adapter that cost me $5. Got it at a toys r us.

Some company makes headphones specifically for the GBA that have that plug on them already. They also work on the DS.

I forget who makes them, I’ll try to remember to find mine when I get home tonight and post a link to the manufacturer.

They were giving them out for free at E3 in '04, that much I do remember.

yeah, I got a pair then. They sucked.

Majesco made those headphones IIRC.


Sure, he spells headphones like someone who’s had a few too many and nobody says a word. If I make one teense little spelling error, everyone is all over me. Sheesh… ;)

Heh, I saw the thread title and then when I looked at the author I thought it said jeffk.

It’s spelled “teensy”. :P