Gameboy Advance

Sorry to post another one of these, but the last one seemed dated. Anyway, I got a Gameboy Advance SP as a gift – my first Nintendo product ever, Dave Long rejoice. I got the Two Towers game with it, and have heard all the happy things about Advance Wars, but I was wondering what the consensus was on the ‘must have’ games, or the latest and greatest. I really know zip about the platform

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow, Metroid Fusion, and Warioware, to start.

If you like going backwards a bit, you can get Super Mario Advance 2 and 3, which is Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2, respectively ( I think I might have this backwards).

If you like console RPGs, Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 are pretty good, if you don’t mind consulting a walkthrough on occasion.

I suggest:

Advance Wars 1 and 2
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

If you like platformers, Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario Advance 3) is a must-own.

For old-school RPG joy, skip the Golden Suns and get Dragon Warrior 3 (Gameboy Color) instead. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is/are actually quite deep and engaging, if you don’t mind the cute critters.

Oh, and Pokemon Pinball is a MUST OWN. It’s the best way to waste time at a meeting, on a bus, or generally tooling about.

Have fun with your new toy. Everyone says that Ogre Tactics is so great, and since you’re some kind of role-playing guy you might like it, even though it is objectively terrible. If I can find my copy, I’ll bring it to Toronto this weekend and give it to you.

Hey, good to hear! The Gameboy swallows another vict…uh, customer!

If you want, go to the Challenging Games thread and take a look at the games I listed, as long as its not Metroid Fusion or Donkey Kong 94, since Brad and Drunkagain got those, pick a game and I’ll send it to you. You’re bound to get some recommendations that are the same or if anything looks interesting.

Anyway, I’ll come back a little later to recommend games – I’m probably the number one Gameboy whore on this forum and have just about gotten my grubby little mits on every worthwhile GBA game there is! :D

Did you know that Eye of the Beholder with the updated new D&D rules and Defender of the Crown have both been released for the GBA? I was just reading around and found that. I wonder what happened to the Wizardry Summoner game Atlus was going to translate? Hmmm…


Found it. It’s yours. Welcome to the world of spell-casting eight-year-olds.

Eye of the Beholder with the updated new D&D rules

This game is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. Terrible combat, terrible graphics, maimed rules, lousy dungeon design – if it played even a QUARTER as good as the Gold Box games it attempts to emulate, it’d be decent, but they fucked it up COMPLETELY.

Metroid Fusion (action/adventure)
Any of the Castlevania games (action/adventure)
Advance Wars 1 & 2 (Turn-based Strategy)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (ditto)
Super Mario Advance 2 aka Super Mario World (platformer. Also best game ever :D)

Hey, Kitsune, did you want my JP copy of GGXX? I know I offered it before and pulled it back when my brother wanted to trade, but he never bothered to pick it up and said I could unload it. It’s in near-mint condition.

Drop a reply if you still want it. I’ll actually send it this time. :)

Hrm, ok scratches head I guess nix that idea. Is the original bad, because it was one of those games that guy I was talking about last year left with all the rest of the “classics?” But I haven’t played it yet. Or is just the GBA port?

About GGXX, how much were you offering it for again? I forgot. :P I’m sure my sister still wants it though…if you’ll remember I already have it, but I’m not giving up my copy! :P

BTW, avoid Onimusha Tactics when it comes out over there, its thoroughly average and doesn’t excel in any way.

-Kitsune, who is addicted to Typhoon Thompson and Sundog: Frozen Legacy at the moment.

I’ll send to your Oregon pal for free. I have the US version.

Also, re Eye of the Beholder: the two PC EotB titles are classics, and are still kinda fun. The GBA version isn’t really related to them outside of the plot, and it sucks in every way imaginable.

Did anyone ever play Wing Commander Prophecy for Gameboy? I was wondering out it turned out.

FFTA and Super Monkey Ball are the must haves from my collection. Golden Sun 2 has soured me on the series.

For quick puzzle-type games my wife has been playing Tetris, Puyo Pop, and Snood.

There are 3 games in the Eye of the Beholder PC/Amiga series. The first two, done by Westwood, are much better than the last one in the series.

Thanks for the tips, guys - some good suggestions - whoa, there’s a Wing Commander Prophecy game for the GBA?? (just checked the Gamespot review) Definitely getting that.

Also want a platformer, since I haven’t played one since playing through the original super mario brothers in the arcade, and sounds like Super Mario Advance 2- super mario world is the one to get. Will probably pick up both Advance Wars 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics, since I like that style of game, and Metroid Fusion or one of the Castlevania games. Like to try some console-style RPGs too, since I haven’t played any.

Maybe even a fighting game, since I haven’t played one since the original Double Dragon in the arcades, like the Godzilla one, since I like Giant monster flicks.

Also want a platformer, since I haven’t played one since playing through the original super mario brothers in the arcade, and sounds like Super Mario Advance 2- super mario world is the one to get.

Well since Super Mario 3 is my favorite platform game ever and it comes out in october I would say wait for that one.

Also I can’t recommend Advance Wars 2 highly enough. But I am a huge turn based strategy fan, so take it with a grain of salt.

And oddly enough, I still end up playing with Tetris Worlds quite a bit.

I have Golden Sun and Advance Wars 2. I loved both at first, but now I have neglected GS for so long I have no idea where I am or what I’m doing. At this point even a walkthrough is useless.

With AW2, I played non-stop for awhile, even loving the challenging levels. Now I just swear at it and put it in my bag and forget about it.

I think I’m gonna replace them with something simple and fun, such as a Mario game (Super Mario Bros. 3 is out soon) or Wario Ware Inc.

Is Wario Ware replayable? I mean, once you learn all the games, is it still fun? Are there any other simple, fun games that I can pickup and play on the subway or at work. I don’t really need anything heavy on story, I sit in front of my computer for 6 hours a day for that.

Get the arcade collections. Namco Museum, Midway’s Greatest Hits, etc., Don’t get Godzilla. Get Street Fighter. 80% of GBA games stink, and the 20% that don’t stink tend to be ported older games.

Rayman Advance is great, Mario Kart is bliss and… where the hell are you finding the time for this?

Puts money back in pocket.
Whew! That was a close one. Thanks, Doug. Guess I’ll stick with FFTA.

I recently got a copy of Rogue Spear for the GBA and was very suprised to discover that it was a lot of fun and quite deep (for a GBA game). It has a few levels which are a bit of a pain (the recon levels for those familiar with the game), but overall it’s a great game and has quickly shot to the top of my GBA favorites list. It’s great both single-player and in two-player coop mode. I highly recommend it. Other than that, my recommendations are pretty standard: Super Mario World, Metroid, Advanced Wars.