Gamecreds on Gamespot

I wonder what the age range is for the people who buy games on Gamespot.

You can buy games on Gamespot? Since when? Do you mean Gamestop?

Gamespot, Visa, and formed some convoluted prepaid credit monster and called it ‘Gamescreds’. You go to Gamespot, click on a ‘buy this game now link’, and then you use your prepaid ‘Gamecreds’ Visa account to pay for the game. You get ‘cash back’ on your purchase (generally $1-$2) for going through all these hoops. Presumably:

  • Gamespot gets a commision on every game sold in this manner.
  • Visa gets to invest the funds in the prepaid accounts to make money.
  • EBGames gets increased sales from people with no fiscal repsonsibilty loading up their cart with $200 worth of titles and thinking they are getting a deal with $5 cashback on their purchase.

I don’t get anything, becuase I just go to the store when the game’s on sale as a loss leader and buy it. Unless I really, really must have it, which is when I feel the shame of the experiences related in the last Shoot Club. :(