Gamecube just about cooked?

The first game from Nintendo’s Tokyo studio, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat … sold through a paltry 39,000 units for the month, well below expectations.

Resident Evil 4 sold through another 50,000 units, raising its total to almost 500,000 in North American sales since its release. Meanwhile, some 80,000 gamers picked up Star Fox Assault in March, pushing total sales of the game to more than 180,000 since its debut.

Overall GameCube hardware sales for the month were a reflection of software sales: down. Approximately 90,000 GameCubes were sold for the month.

Sony, meanwhile, sold almost 500,000 more PlayStation 2s in March. Microsoft sold about 230,000 more Xbox consoles.

If software sells hardware, Nintendo is sure to be in even bigger trouble in April. There are no new games coming out for GameCube in April.


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