GameCube preview pack

Finally tracked this down.

Splinter Cell; Not my type of thing, but it’s out already so read the reviews.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Something or Other; I don’t like this, too many camera angle problems that cause me to jerk the controller in the wrong direction, so you can’t build up speed. Plus you get a brand new character who, are you ready for this, fishes!! FINALLY a fishing excersize in my game about a blinding fast Hedgehog.

Soul Caliber II; It’s pretty, again though, this isn’t my type of game. I just hate the ‘shuffle menacingly’ thing of it. Didn’t get to see Link, and as far as I can see there are ring outs but no multi-level battlegrounds. Just a flat surface, two fighters, and ummmm…well there are colors at one point.
I didn’t have access to any of the other modes of play.

Viewtiful Joe; Holy CRAP! This is flat-out amazing. I’ll be playing the demo level over and over. The animation is fantastic and the fighting is jaw dropping; imagine ‘The Matrix’ done right! And with ‘Manga’ style characters. (big head, little body, looks stupid in comic books but works here because of the shading and movement) The background, and foregrounds, are done in beautiful comic style, in fact going around corners you’ll notice that everything is literally two-dimensional.
The gimmick is the ability to slow down or speed up time, slowing down time helps you to punch bullets or missiles back, and speeding up time helps to kick ass faster. It is enthralling to land between two bad-guys, slow down time, then hit them both about 6 times without touching the ground. Has to be seen to be believed. GMikec gave a nice description, but there is no way you can be TOLD about this game.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg: Cute game, you run around and collect food for an egg so it gets bigger, you then open the egg and a little helper comes out. I’m not sure what the Sonic team’s obsession with rings is, but it scares me. Nothing too special here.

Sonic still sucks, he hasn’t made the transition to 3D at all. I can’t stand any of those games.

Soul Calibur II looks like more Soul Calibur goodness, but no major differences. You can see Link if you just let the demo mode run, but you can’t play as him. Some stores have the full version in display kiosks now, so I’ll be getting my Link on during my trip to the mall at lunch.

Viewtiful Joe is great. All that stuff you said. It out-Matrixes Enter the Matrix.

I like Billy Hatcher, looks like a fun platformer. Rolling over bad guys with a giant egg is cool, I just hope he’s got a few more tricks in the full game.

You’ve gotta try the downloadable demo of WarioWare, though. There’s not much to the demo, but I think I had more fun playing that than I did Viewtiful Joe.

Warioware is really a great portable title, the bite sized gameplay is so perfect.

Viewtiful Joe was the most fun I had at e3 and there was a lot of really nice stuff there.

Is this disc available to buy? I saw a deal where it comes with a GC purchase but I didn’t see any to buy?

Best Buy has it for … $39.99!!! it’s absolutely insane, highway robbery.

I got mine from Target for $9.99. Haven’t had a chance to play it yet though. Looking forward to Viewtiful Joe and WarioWare.

Why doesn’t Nintendo just tell these dealers that these demo discs need to be handed out for free? Or, -set- a retail price of $4.99 or 6.99 so that crooks like Best Buy don’t inflate the prices bigtime.

Actually, Nintendo’s official position is that these are to be given away with purchase of a new GameCube only. They actually say “Not for Resale” on them. Fortunately, Target and Best Buy are ignoring that. Got mine at target for $9.99.

They really should bundle it with Nintendo Power, for subscribers at the very least.


Yeah, hopefully they’ll do that with future preview discs, and there had better be one with Mario Kart on it.

Played Soul Calibur II at lunch today, got all the way through arcade mode with Link (our store has the Japanese version on display). Once you remap the keys so that B, A, and X are the attack buttons everything works out great. Can’t wait for August.

The biggest surprise I got out of Soul Calibur 2 was when my Nightmare character performed a contextual sword slam against my friend playing as Cassandra that flattened her up against the library bookshelf. It is a small taste of environmental activity, nothing all that new for modern day fighters, but in the world of Soul Calibur it was damned nice to see. Made us really wish for less ring out-esque arenas and more focus on environmental creativity.

The game controlled and played so spectacularly, it is nice to really get a taste of what is to come, unfortunately it appeared the experience is far too similar to what many of us dedicated so much time to years ago.