GameFly Sweetens the Deal

As of tonight GameFly is giving its members new loyalty benefits. I got $5 in GameFly dollars (already spent) and 5% off on purchased titles. Ended up getting Kameo for about $25 shipped. Benefits accrue over time ($5 credit every 3 months) and increase with the number of months you’ve been a member (discount percentage goes up).

Nice to see them increasing the value of being a steady customer.

Nice. I’ve been thinking about re-subscribing to GameFly. I did back when it was really new, but there were some problems with waiting too long to get games and stuff. Relatively new releases were almost always out, and it the turn-around time was pretty bad. Of course, I lived on the east coast then, and I live in California now, so maybe that’s better since they all ship from Los Angeles.

The turnaround times have gotten better since they started that Fast Return service, but it hasn’t worked all the time. Still I like it overall, and this rewards stuff is a nice addition to the good prices they have on games already.

I’ll take the extra 10% off games, although it would be nice of they had given dollars for time subscribed already as I’ve been with them for over a year and a half.

I was on Gamefly for longer than I should have been. The turnaround times were ridiculous. I get my Netflix movies in about 2 days. Games from GF were taking closer to two weeks. Even considering the opposite coast thing, the time it would take was absurd.

yeah, it takes well over a week for my Gamefly stuff.

So … is the general concensus that it is generally not a good service? Because if you pay $22 for the two-out program, and the round trip takes >1 week, then it is like 4 games a month, which you can do at Blockbuster for pretty much the same price?

I’ve been thinking about it for PSP & DS stuff (I’m a non-console guy), but if I tear through a game in two days only to wait 10 days for my next …


Wow that’s an amazing coincidence seeing as how they cancelled my account yesterday. I reported too many “I never received my game” notices to them after each 20 day + turnaround time. I really don’t understand how it could take only 4-5 days for them to receive the game from me but 15+ days for me to get a new one.

It was beyond ridiculous. Netflix has a two day turnaround for me. I just signed up with Gamerang which has multiple distribution centers across the US (No south east region though :/) We’ll see how that goes. Here’s hoping I get GRAW

My opinion is that it’s definitely not worth it, for exactly that reason. It started to feel less like “long shipping times” and more like “poor customer service.”

Of course, Blockbuster generally has pretty crappy selection, and their “Game Pass” program costs as much or more than a Gamefly subscription, with the added hassle of having to physically take the games back to the store.

Jazar, let us know how Gamerang is, cause the “Netflix for games” is still a great idea, it just seems like no one has done it right yet. looks like an interesting alternative – they offer both movies and games, and a very attractive price (you can have 6 out at a time for ~$250 per year – compare that to having a 3 out Netflix plus a 3 out Gamefly subscription which adds up to about $600 per year…)

Unfortunately, most of the reviews I’ve found are very negative, with complaints focusing primarily on lack of selection and availability, as well as shipping problems/delays.

I was with Gamefly for a few months a while back. Like others have said, it’s a great idea with poor execution. I never had any really long shipping times like you guys, but they usually took a week at the very least. I’m too impatient for that. If I want to play a game, I want to play it now. Blockbuster’s only a few blocks away and I oftentimes ended up renting the same damn game from them while waiting for my Gamefly shipment.

I really wish it worked better, though. There’s something really cool about coming home, checking your mail and finding video games in there. :)

As much as I hated playing the waiting game with Gamefly, I still hate Blockbuster more. It’s such an insult to browse through their store with 40 copies of NCAA 2005 on the shelf and only one copy of Resident Evil 4 - rented out of course and GOOD LUCK waiting for that one to be returned.

If you are in LA it’s wicked, 1 day turnarounds same as netflix. I love them, and the used games or ‘keep it’ options are nice, the case and manuals still have ‘new game smell’

One game was lost in shipping with them but I just notifed them and they shipped it again.

The problem I have with these Netflix for games services is that I’m probably not going to be done playing a game in two hours. Hell, I even have trouble getting time to watch my Netflixes in a timely manner. I’ve had Shaolin Soccer for like two weeks now and still haven’t watched it. Now, imagine if that was Dragon Quest VIII. By the time I returned it, I would have paid Gamefly the price of the game new.

Jazar, let us know how Gamerang is, cause the “Netflix for games” is still a great idea, it just seems like no one has done it right yet

I used Gamerang for a while as an alternative to Gamefly, because of the turnaround times mentioned earlier. This was in Texas. Nearest Gamerang depot was up in Oklahoma. Turnaround time was better than Gamerang, but still nowhere near as fast as Netflix - Gamefly was anything upto two weeks to turnaround a game (sometimes longer…) for me, Gamerang was usually 7-9 days. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Customer service at Gamerang was great though. I mistakenly returned the wrong disc in an envelope one time, they caught it & returned it to me without any hassle or complaint.

I like the idea of these services, however I don’t think the profit margin’s there for someone big like Netflix to setup a huge number of depots.

If you’re expecting 2-3 day turnarounds, you just won’t be happy with GameFly. The last few times I’ve returned a game, I’ve had a replacement in 6-8 days, depending on when Sunday falls. I currently have the 4 at a time plan instead of buying a lot of 360 games. However, they have the best in-stock track record of all the online rental places I looked into. I was able to play Full Auto within a week of release, and I expect to be able to do the same with Burnout Revenge and The Outfit.

Also, if you want the fast return to work well for you, you should experiment with different post boxes. Mailing from my suburb never works, but using the mail drop in my office always works, even though it seems to add an extra day for Netflix. Go figure.

Come on Netflix, just add games to your selection already.

Come on Netflix, just add games to your selection already.

I don’t think it makes business sense for them. The cost per title to have a decent supply is much much higher than for DVDs, and they’re finding it hard enough to break even on DVDs. As mentioned above, people are going to hold onto games for longer than DVDs combined with the cost to Netflix per individual disc is much higher than for DVDs making the running costs much higher. Not a market I’d want to make the initial investment in to get up & running.

Actually, I think the argument for people keeping games longer works positively towards the Netflix type company. They make the most money when people keep their titles longer but still pay the same monthly price. So, if I had the two out at the same time deal, and kept a videogame for a month, they save all the postage and inventory turnaround costs for the 3-5 movies I would have gotten in the same time.

In essence, if you want to pay them $20 a month in order to play a game a whole month, they make their price for the game back in 2 months instead of longer, plus they save all the processing and shipping costs, which I’m sure are a big part of their variable costs.

I live in the SF bay area, and Gamefly works fine for me. The turnaround is 1 day longer than Netflix, or 4 business days.

But they have to correspondingly increase their product on hand, otherwise everything will be on “long wait”. Yeah, they might make more on DQ8 than it cost them to buy when someone keeps it for four months, but in the meantime they aren’t supplying other customers who want DQ8.