GameLife is back!

Episode 3 is up!

I love that they got the girl to review the cooking game.

They’ve improved a lot since episode one. Sadly, they haven’t improved enough to be good, just enough to no longer be hilariously bad.

edit: Hey, my link to episode one is broken. Does anyone have a working link? Did anyone save it?

w… t… f?

The more I watch, the more I realize that this is what Tool’s new single is about. It’s like watching a trainwreck in slow motion with closeups for every death.

edit: I think by watching this I’m laughing at the retard spilling the pizza milkshake.

At least the girl’s jawbone isn’t too masculine.

Episode 1 on I-Film.
Go ahead, laugh your ass off.

You know you’re running with the big boys when you have cleavage (pixelated, but sill there) on your show.


The guy who works next to me thinks that GameLife is a kind of care-in-the-community style project. You have the two, vaguelly articulate teenage minders, and then… the other guy, and the cute girl.

Yeah. Are we laughing at people in a care home?

The guys remind me of these two:

Apart from the fact that these two (from 3 Danish documentaries) are more articulate, charming and more natural on screen. The girl didn’t over annunciate as much as the boys, but was stuck with the cooking game and a laboured “… and now, back to the Gamers Lounge” where a fat guy reviewed a year old game and I clicked away.

I’d hit it.

Holy hell, that was terrible.

Chris Woods

The Game Life gang made it to E3.

I am looking forward to their so-stilted-it-hurts coverage.


Things that would improve this:

  • Having that Starwars Lightsaber kid on as a special guest
  • Having mom calling, “dinner’s ready!” in the background
  • Having… anything other than this.

Errr, how are those guys older than 18?!

Ok well being a fan of all things HORRID, I thought I would give this a look whilst I am watching Spiritual Kung Fu. Let me just say that I only made it 2 minutes into the show. The voices on these guys is enough to drive me to drinking!!! And it is only 11 am!

I applaud them for having the guts to do this, but I also condemn them for having the guts to do this. Someone should put them out of our misery.

I think they count as press. So their youth is protected by the First Amendment.


It’s so bad it’s good.

For about 5 minutes. Then it just gets bad again.