I just picked up Rayman 2 for the PC in the bargain bin, but I find the controls infuriating, since it doesn’t seem to map the camera function to the gamepad, necessitating me to fiddle around with the keyboard.

My gamepad is some form of a Thrustmaster, pretty cheap since I only use it for emulators, but it has twelve buttons so should be able to handle it. Rayman 2 doesn’t support adjusting the controls, and there is no similar program for the Thrustmaster gamepad.

Could anyone out there suggest a good program that would allow me to remap a gamepad’s buttons to keyboard functions?

I recommend the PS-to-USB converter; that way you can use any PS1 or PS2 controller you like.

Right. Which is great, wump, except it isn’t what I asked - you might as well have posted detailed instructions on how I could build a transdimensional telephone out of a piece of string, a glowstick, and a Buzz Lightyear Burger King cup.

Software to remap gamepad keys? Are you sure there wasn’t a disk in the box? What I mean is only Gravis-made software works with my Gravis gamepad. Unless Thrustmaster is different? If nothing else, a USB Sidewinder runs about $15 at Best Buy.

It was a really cheap gamepad for 10 euros. It has a Fifa Korea-Japan World Cup logo emblazoned across it and there was no software in the box. There are no Best Buys in Ireland.

Do they have Google in Ireland?

Attaboy! Exactly the ticket. Thanks, wump.