GameRanger: new PC online gaming service

That message is supposed to mean “Logged in from another location,” I’ll look into changing that to be clearer. Was your friend also using your account? You each need to have your own account.

You’re not missing anything – it doesn’t have a minimise-to-tray feature yet. I certainly want to encourage people to leave it running, so that is a high priority on the To Do list. The tray icon would also make sense with the “Start GameRanger when Windows starts” option that’s already there.

Yeah, we each have our own account. Maybe it has something to do with my IP connection, I dial in using my Moto Q phone so my computer doesn’t have a constant connection and maybe I’m logging in twice by mistake. A minimise to tray feature would be a great to help with the confusion. Thanks for the response.

From what I can tell from the logs, it does look like you have some problems with maintaining a stable connection. That message can happen if you are disconnected at your end and re-connect before the server notices you’ve timed out. Basically, it’s removing the “ghost” connection.

Okay, just added support for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3!

This should be a pleasant alternative for those less than satisfied with the built-in service…

I think any service that offers an alternative to in-game matching is awesome

Quitch and Taranis: The tray icon support is done.

Clicking the close box of the main window now hides it instead of quitting GameRanger.

There are also balloon notifications for when a friend goes online or offline, when a friend opens a game room (subject to your game display filters), or when someone joins your game room if the window isn’t already at the front.

I don’t play much of anything online other than L4D at the moment, but this looks like a great tool and I wish you luck.

Excellent. Immediate annoyance thoguh, main window and friends open together, but close separately.

I gotta say, there’s something spectacular about watching ya’ll ask for things, and Scott doing them for you on demand. If only GfWL reacted to its fans this way.

Yeah, it’s a tough balance for some people that may want different behaviours. I’m not 100% happy with how it is now, and it’s something I’ll be looking at refining.

What you can do is just click the icon again. If the main window and/or friends are not frontmost, it will make them frontmost. If they are, it will hide them both.

Next feature I hope for is auto-reconnect. Every time I wake my system from sleep I need to remember to reconnect, meanwhile XFire and Steam are bringing themselves back online.

I couldn’t get the hide behaviour to work, it just blinked the windows.

Done. Clean disconnect on sleep, reconnect on wake. Also reconnect on unexpected disconnection.

I couldn’t get the hide behaviour to work, it just blinked the windows.

If it blinked the windows, that means it was trying to bring the windows to the front instead of hiding. You may have had some kind of always-on-top window from another program that was confusing it. I’ve made the window testing more strict, so it may work for your now.

Yep, they’re hiding nicely now. Thanks :)