Oh we had one, it just was not titled as such. The last 20 pages or so of the game journalism thread have basically been devoted to it.

There was one; it just was hidden in the “Games Journalism 2014: The Wherever-the-hell-this-has-gone” thread. Hopefully this thread will pull out the poison from the other thread so we can get back to talking about “Is Zelda the Citizen Kane or the Stop Making Sense of Video Games”-type think pieces. So much easier to ignore the vileness of #gamergate if it is self-contained.

yeah, I assumed that garbage was somewhere, but I could at least pretend otherwise!

To add to the post from Hugin:

  1. Mr. Wardell tries to make this about him. No one understands why he feels the need to get involved.
  1. Quinn is accused of, and evidence points to, she issued DMCA copyright notices to youtube videos that were critical of her game.

Out of all of the controversy, this (IF TRUE) is the real issue here.

Well, I tried to keep my post as noncommittal as possible. Sigh again.

Brad has just sicced the internet mob on BrokenForum, a place populated by some old and current QT3 posters, as well as many others.

Heh. Pretty safe to say the animosity is fully mutual there.

Best not to engage, from either side. The whole thing is a tempest in a teapot engineered by 4chan trolls.

GamersGate bores me. I’m bored. When is the next good videogame coming out?

GamersGate should have plenty of new games!

Well, that explains why going there suddenly requires me to log in to read the forums. Was wondering about that.

And, well, that’s a really shitty thing for Brad to do.

Why is this the “real” issue? If Zoe Quinn used DMCA takedowns (and I’ve seen no actual proof she has) she’s an asshole, but she’s an asshole working alone. That’s nothing compared to 4chan ginning up these fake hashtag movements, or people attempting political or sociological critiques of games being harassed and threatened.

Of all the death, rape and assault threats. Of all the doxxing of innocent people. Of all the other horrible shit being flung…

You’re telling me…

This unsubstantiated claim is the “real issue here”?

I think I could do plenty worse than reading about what a sexual harasser thinks of women not being ok with being sexually harassed, actually.

Nobody involved is innocent. There won’t be any winners. That’s why it’s best to stay out of it. To paraphrase JOSHUA, the only winning move is not to play.

I thought Wardell was complete exonerated in that incident. Is that incorrect? Once accused, always guilty?

You’re seriously telling people that the guy who wrote this:

is the go-to guy when it comes to explaining away what is going on with the massive amount of sexual harassment coming out of #gg?

There was a mutual settlement in which both sides wrote one another letters of apology. In hers, she never retracted the claim. If there was a retraction prior to or previous to that, it isn’t part of the settlement.

There was only one letter of apology and it was from Miseta.

Important to note she was counter-sued about the destruction of company documents (marketing materials) which was filed after the sexual harassment suit. Also highlighted StarDock’s poor data backup strategy.