Games: 25 years, $25,000

yeah…this is kinda a dismal thread. I’ve got about 1K worth of next gen games in my living room right now. Not to mention at least 3K in systems and audio/visual stuff down there…hmmmm…is there a Gamers Anonymous program out there.

If you adjust the earlier purchases for inflation, it is probably more like $40k + :-)

What the fuck

I’m glad someone else finally had the same reaction I did. That’s some serious OCD going on there.

You haven’t seen serious OCD until you’ve seen what this girl collects.

It blows my mind as to why anyone would collect this much stuff. I don’t see the point in having every console in every color or having a 10+ 42-65" LCD TVs in a single house. I’d invest in an electric wheelchair if I was too lazy to go to the gaming room.


I was like that when I was younger. I say up until 98 I had just about every console and home computer along with most variants stored in my basement. I still have a dozen different Atari 2600 systems in the basement.

I do the same thing and tend to check for bargans. The thing is unless there happens to be a big bargan on a game I was going to get anyways driving around takes more in gas and my time than it is worth. The discounts are usually not that dramatic and with technology moving forward I don’t like to wait on a game I really want to play.

I find however with DvD TV seasons that it often pays as they can go down from 50 to 20-25 dollars if you wait 3-6 months.

I imagine I have spent 12,000 dollars in the last ten years on PCs and games. I generally get a brand new computer at least every 3 years that is one step down from bleeding edge and runs 2-3k+.

All I know is that this hobby is cheaper than buying a boat.

or being a drunk.

or being a smoker.

or being a drunk who smokes.

I have >60 games for the 360, including a few Xbox 1 classics and arcade titles. But on the PC it is getting silly.
I used to buy 10-20 games per month at one point. Diving into the bargain bin, buying the latest and the greatest murder simulators etc.

. . .

OMG hawt.

I mean: crazy. Clearly that chick is ku-rah-zeeee.

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The amount of money I’ve spent on video games over the years is probably about the same as many people spend on coffee, cigarettes or alcohol over that same time period. I don’t smoke, don’t drink coffee, and don’t often drink unless I’m going out specifically for that purpose (rare now that I’m married with kids). So in the end I feel no guilt. On a dollar spent to minutes entertained ratio it’s the best damn bargain in entertainment.


Yeah I guess it’s a bit weird. But this is how it developed.

I always put the receipts for games in the drawer of my computer desk because I wanted to know where they were in case I wanted to return something. That was back in the days when you could return stuff just because it sucked.

So basically I never cleared the drawer out so after a while I just deliberately kept them all. It just took this many years before I finally decided to spend the hour typing them in.

It’s not like this was a difficult feat or anything. There’s only three steps:

  1. Don’t throw away your receipts
  2. Wait 10 years
  3. Spend an hour typing them into a spreadsheet.

It ended up being more of a trip down memory lane than anything else.

The worst deal I ever got was to buy “Vangers” for $1.99. They should have paid me to haul it off.



So true. I have to work 2 hours to earn enough to buy a new game. I get a lot more in entertainment return on this time. Thats actually how i budget all my discretionary purchases. calculate how much time worked to purchase the item versus how much time of enjoyment you will recieve.