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Technology Review article by Eric Hellweg, May 5
Of all the topics bantered about in blogs – politics, music, media – one seems woefully underrepresented: videogames.

There are some exceptions. Weblogs, Inc dutifully offer blogs such as Joystiq, a site that chronicles game industry goings on and issues, And sites like Gamespot provide blog-like dispatches. But for a subject that inspires such slavish devotion some observers believe the videogame makers are squandering an opportunity by not incorporating blogs into the games themselves.

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The best part of that article is that he just came up with the idea to put blogs in games and asked a bunch of people what they thought, and every time one of them didn’t call him retarded he cited them as an example of someone in the industry who “believe it won’t be long before game players find blogs in the games themselves.”

I guess he didn’t notice the whole “blog from inside the game” thing in Sims 2. I mean, like, nobody played that game.

Ok, I just have to point out that way way back in Final Fantasy 8, if you kept revisiting the terminal in the classroom, you could read Selphie’s online diary, which she kept updating as the game progressed with her own thoughts and accounts of things that had been happening recently.

That was a blog. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Gamers don’t blog, they play xbox live all day. Now people in the game industry might, but I haven’t seen any of their blogs. Plus I don’t think they would like blogging about their horrible pay conditions and how the publishers are the tyrants.


Seriously, did this guy do any research?



True enough. Someone feel like writing a letter to MIT and correcting them? Not sure how many opportunities like that come along.