Games and the 70's

Hey all, bit of a request here.

To practice Final Cut, I’ve decided to throw together a short bit on how 70’s movies influenced today’s games (ok, also as a project for a class).

I was wondering if anyone knew of any games that truly have that 70’s feel. I know there’s a blackexploitation game out there somewhere, just can’t place it. GTA:VC is 80’s, unfortunately, Driver I think was 70’s, am I wrong? The new Godfather game certainly fits, and as I brainstorm this I should come up with more and more…

Any that I shouldn’t miss?

Thanks all for the borrowing of the braintrust here…


Dude… Interstate 76.

(Oh you mean todays games… never mind then… unless someone remade it and I wasn’t told… … oh how I wish.)


Also any of the starwars games.

Heh, I-76 may work.

Guess I should clarify. This is a 70’s film class, the project was left pretty wide open, and I felt like doing something current. Instead of doing “how 70’s film has affected cinema of today” I’m going with “how 70’s film has affected current video game fare”.

Basically, this is mostly shown in cutscenes and such (camera tricks, etc.) but also in current games being licensed off of 70’s properties (Godfather, Warriors…well, that’s '79).

Thought The Getaway might show some of these elements…as would the GTA game cutscenes.


Well, you’ve got Star Wars, and all game spinoffs from that, and Lucasarts.

Then you’ve got Enter The Dragon – you could bring in beat-em-ups and the follow-ons like Street Fighter.

The Warriors is from the 70s right?

Flipnic is just oozing with menus and fonts that come straight out of the 70’s

The GodFather is coming out soon. I also saw a “Taxi Driver” game in the works at last year’s E3.

Also: Kung Fu Kaos is based on Shaw Brothers films from that period. Bruce Lee would also count.

Mortal Kombat was a total bruce lee movie ripoff.

Jaws - 1975

Mad Max - 1979
Soylent Green - 1973
Omega Man - 1971
Logan’s Run - 1976
French Connection - 1971
Alien - 1979
Texas Chainsaw Murder - 1974
Dirty Harry - 1971

All of those movies have moments that were first seen on screen that are often tried to recreated in games.

useless musings: Test Drive: Eve of Destruction felt 70’s ish visually. The music was another story.

NOLF is 60s, right?

Another vote for Kung Fu Chaos, it’s clearly a 70’s movie tribute.

Evil Genius?

The Warriors totally.

Would GTA 3 count as 70s? I always looked at it that way, and the timeline (which puts VC several years after GTA3) would seem to back that up.

Another vote for I76, too. :)

R*'s official stance is that GTA3 takes place between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the, er, “oughts”.

Even if GTA3 isn’t set in the 70s, I would argue its influenced by movies from the 70s, which is what the OP is looking for. The Godfather 1 and 2, Scarface etc. I would add the Driver games too.

There was a recent Starsky and Hutch game that was surprisingly good.

Outlaws has a spaghetti western feel. Is that '70’s?

Max Payne - not sure where you would place it, but it’s clearly aping hard-boiled detective movies.

You may want to mention the games that featured FMV, like the Wing Commander games, the Tex Murphy games. etc. I don’t know if these can be pegged to the '70’s films, but they definitely try to be the game versions of movies.