Games are teaching American youth to kill Mexicans


Bullshit! Starving Mexicans can’t run that fast.

You just don’t lead 'em as much.

Is it just me, or are the pregnant ones always the fastest? My best score was 57.

Hmm. Calls mexicans “wetbacks,” the US flag has a Star of David on it, and it’s made by a group called “Zine 14.”

That’s some wonderful White Supremacist propaganda you’ve found there.

You forgot to comment about the number 88.

I didn’t find this. MSNBC did.

Also, JACK THOMPSON is quoted in that article.

That was downright terrible. I’ll never understand what can drive people to such levels of hate for something as inoffensive as race or nationality. The fact that illegal immigration has suddenly become a hot-button issue says to me that it’s going to be the next election’s gay marriage. You know, issues upon which are used to focus the peoples’ attentions so that neither side has to discuss any issues that may reveal that the two sides of our two party system aren’t very different from one another on more complex and “subtle” issues, usually involving lobby-heavy/business-friendly legislation.

It’s not about color, it’s about behavior, and the undesirable behaviors becoming ingrained in the american culture - which is bad off enough without the help. No wiggers were hamed in the making of this post.

Now, the thing about illegal immigration is that… it’s illegal. You’re BY LAW not allowed to be here. Yet nobody does anything to send them back. True or not, they’re seen as leeches sucking off the tit of our welfare dollar. Some will argue that they’re the only people willing to do shit-work for shit-wages and thus they’re necessary to our economy. Maybe that’s the business world’s dirty little secret. Whatever. The point is, you cannot fucking BE HERE.

I’m sure if it was a flood of wealthy people coming across the border in their BMWs, there wouldn’t be any complaint. However, since it’s penniless have-nothing folks looking to improve their standard of living above living in shit and eating bugs, I can’t fault them for wanting over here so badly. However, it’s MEXICO’s fault for being a shithole, so maybe we should make it a more desirable place for them to stay. (or cut off all business with them until they contain their migration issues)

I am from a hispanic country, and I live in New York. I have little experience with west coast immigrants, particularly Mexicans (whom I believe make the bulk of the immigrants, legal or otherwise.)

This is my biased opinion. The kids that grew up here learn the freaking culture from the underpriviliged, disaffected AMERICAN youth. Should just literally shoot every music producer and marketter that sells this STEALING SHIT FROM OTHERS MAKES YOU PHAT.

This forum is composed of mostly nerdish people, or oldish people, so I think there will be some agreement that this is the biggest problem. Anything else is basically xenophobia.

New neighboors moved in last year in front of my house. Otherwise a very quiet nice neighborhood. This morning I walk out and there’s take out food containers and the accompanying beer bottles scattered all over my sidewalk. Every weekend these stupid kids come over, they all get wasted (about 6-20 depending on the night) and then go out the sidewalk fighting each other and otherwise making noises. Except they are all white. They seem to be the friends of the 22 year old son that lives with a recently-widowed mother. She obviously cannot control and get any sort of decent behavior from this offspring.

Gonna go back and leaf blow all that food back to their side of the neighborhood. Disgusting people, cannot have any decency. If you’re going to get drunk and stupid, do it INDOORS. Better yet, go out, drive and kill yourself against a stationary light post.

Illegally immigrating is like speeding on the freeway, Aszurom. The intent of the law isn’t to stop people doing it, it’s to control it and to provide a way to deal expeditiously with those who do it, at such times as it is convenient to do so.

If I were a little more cynical, I’d suggest that illegal immigration laws remain largely as they are because they maintain a very flexible market for extralegal labor that most people tacitly know is of net benefit to the country as a whole. But I don’t know if I have any real evidence for that, it’s just my hunch.


I’d find some anonymous method of being the biggest pain in the ass imaginable to those people. I would make them beg to move away. Every time I saw them, I’d call the cops. Report them as a crackhouse. Underage drinking, etc. If the cops couldn’t get it done, I’d call the health inspectors. Talk to their neighbors, I’m sure they love them too.

If that couldn’t get it done, I’d start putting shit in their yard. Dumping trash cans, old furniture, etc. Escalate to maybe burning a couch in their front yard. Their house wouldn’t have a single window intact. Flat tires on all their cars. Give the authorities their chance, then take care of it.

I’m generally an alright guy, and my motto is mind your own business and keep your nose out of my yard and I’ll do the same for you. However, since these assholes are obviously single handedly fucking up what was once a decent neighborhood, you need to stop this shit now or you’ll just have them draw in more like them.

Undesirable behavior like OMG HIS HAT IS SIDEWAYS!! Uh, it pretty clearly is about color to you, otherwise you would’ve linked at least one black dude with a jersey and chain.

What the hell?

Yeah, those tactics would really work well with a gang of drunken, brawling 20-year-olds.

Seriously. I hadn’t seen this thread before today, but whoa nelly is this all about color to you Az. Like, “These people are jerks but OMG they’re white” or the way “American culture” to you means “non-minority culture.” But at least you’re “generally an okay guy,” as evidenced by the way you’d set fire to some lady’s front yard because her kid left beer bottles on the sidewalk. Also, good call on that “the law’s the law” thing, someone should have told that to Martin Luther King Jr.

Whoops, that sarcasm is probably lost on you.

I apologize Ben. I derailed and turned this into a P&R thread. In the beginning of the thread people are talking about Mexicans, and how Mexicans are bad. So I write a personal anecdote on how I hate this particular gangsta American youth culture. Then I complain about my nasty neighbors. So I added that surprisingly, they are not members of any minority but they were still nasty. To underscore that stupid kids come in all colors and races.

But I’m still wrong because it is insensitive, and because the remark that “omg except they are white” implies that it’s minorities that are hoods.

Did I miss the part of this flash game that made it more serious than the ones where you blow kittens into smears of goo or net the escaping kids from Neverland Ranch?

Oh no, you played the MLK card. I’m sorry I’m white, now.

So how is it a racist color thing that I chose to post pictures of the wanna-be-a-gangsta idiots from suburbia? I think it’s much more illustrative of my point that it’s not color, it’s behavior. If I’d posted black or hispanics dressed up like the ghetto clown posse, then it would be me making fun of them for being of that ethnic background and not so much being out of place in their culture, eh? Why? Because black and hispanic kids dressed up playing gangsta is expected and acceptable? At least we’re used to the visual if nothing else.

Do you dress like that? Does anybody in your office? So, I’d say that since it’s not acceptable in a professional environment, it’s pretty much not acceptable, eh? So why are we selling the kids down that path? Surely not to ensure they succeed in mainstream polite culture. My issue is that once you get enough people acceptive of it, then perhaps it will invade the mainstream and be “the way america is”.

Now, if you want to label my ideal of a peaceful and clean surburbia as “white culture” then you could say that yes, I’m very defensive of “white culture”. I’ll give you the ammo for that one. But then you’d have to propose that based on skin color and ethnicity, there should be different standards for “acceptable behavior” for our citizens. If you want to take that leap, then the race card is on you.

So, to bring this back to the topic - what does this have to do with mexicans flooding illegally across our borders? Well, a few things as I see it. First off, they’re not moving into suburban culture, but rather swelling the ranks of the low income underprivledged. Their children are prime targets for assimilation into this undesirable culture of drugs, theft, and violence. Why, because they’re immersed in it because of where economics dictates they settle in. They also breed FAST. Educational opportunities in the slums of Mexico I would venture are a lot less than here, so they’re also not the most educated folks. This means they’re pretty much trapped in their social tier, as will be the generations of children they spawn in coming years.

Case in point. Where I live we have a bit of an educational crisis on our hands. There simply aren’t enough teachers and schools in Raleigh for all the kids. The state has some really ignorant policies about limits on the number of charter schools that can be in operation, so they’re keeping this burden to themselves instead of letting the community repair itself. Now, add to this a few thousand hispanic immigrants a month. They want to get their kids in school too. They need medical care. They aren’t really taking jobs away from everybody else, because they’re doing all the construction, maintenance, grass mowing, etc. sort of jobs that nobody else really desires so I don’t really have any issue with their employment. But, they’re taking up beds in the hospitals, seats in the schools, and my tax dollars are going directly to pay for all that. End result is that taxes go up up up.

Housing in the low income areas of town are bursting at the seams, and there’s no place else to build it except… out here in suburbia. Now you enter directly into the “not in my back yard” issue. Nobody whats government housing erected in their sleepy little Mayberry town. We don’t want our kids in the street hanging out with those charming individuals pictured above. We don’t need the discipline, drug, and violence issues in our otherwise quiet schools. That’s the whole reason we live OUT HERE instead of downtown. Now, downtown is coming to us and we fucking hate it.

I don’t think anybody in this town locks their doors at night, or their cars. Nobody walks the streets after dark, etc. Once they decide to drop a project down the road, that’s all going to change I’m sure.

Want to know who’s more alarmist about it than me? My neighbor across the street - who happens to be just as black as Martin Luther King, sir. He has his own name for “those people”, which is pretty devoid of racism - he refers to them as “hood rats”. As in “I hope to god we don’t get a flood of those hood rats coming up this way.” This isn’t some aryan elite community out here, we’ve got a little of every color of people living on my street. How do we get along? Well, when we’re not minding our own business, you’ll have people walking down the street with their kids, stop over to talk on the porch for a while, maybe borrow your extension cord or offer to aerate your lawn when they do theirs - just nice people getting along regardless of ethnicity, because we don’t really NOTICE it. Sure, I know when the Koreans down the street are cooking up a batch of kimchee for sure, but that’s cool because they always offer me some.

So, I’m not saying that all the people illegally running the border are those hood rats I don’t want around here. To the contrary, I think they’re some of the hardest working and underpaid people, and nice almost to a fault. However, the economics of their situation means they’re pushing the undesirable element into new territory, and also taking up resources we’re just not prepared to deliver in our social, educational, and medical programs.

I do think it’s a real bitch to legally obtain citizenship. Much more than it should be. Eduardo is a good buddy of mine back in Ohio, married for 10 years or so to a lady from there, and JUST got his citizenship a year or two ago after playing paper-chase for 7+ years. And that’s for someone married to a born citizen. I can only imagine what a game it is for someone with no ties here to get it done. However, the immigration rules are there for a purpose - to slow down the flood of people who would overwhelm our society if allowed to freely rush in here and stay unchallenged. I can’t see handing over blanket amnesty because “life is hard”.

I thought this was going to be a thread about Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, in which you kill lots of Mexicans…


Wow, Tom… good point. I can’t wait until the liberal agenda gets ahold of that angle.

We should just “socially re-educate” them. Call it “Ghost Recon: Advanced Couch Burner”.

Sorry but that’s just hilarious.